High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Attacking Defenses with Inside Zone Schemes

High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Attacking Defenses with Inside Zone Schemes
High Tempo No-Huddle Offense: Attacking Defenses with Inside Zone Schemes
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  • Successfully run inside zone vs even and odd fronts
  • Learn how to change up the inside zone read so that opponents don't know which defender you're reading
  • Package the inside zone scheme with quick game pass concepts to take advantage of defensive reads
with Donnie Woods, former Iowa Western Assistant Coach/Offensive Line and Run Game Coordinator;
2012 NJCAA National Champions; 2x Midwest Football Conference Champions

Iowa Western Community College Offensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator Donnie Woods details the inner workings of one of the hottest offensive running plays in football today, the Inside Zone. This play has been the cornerstone of the Iowa Western offensive attack that has ranked on top or near the top of every offensive category for the past years (2011-12).

Coach Woods, whose OL unit was instrumental in Iowa Western Community College's 2012 NJCAA National Championship season, covers the different calls the offensive line makes on the inside zone play depending on the front and movement of the defense. He goes into a detailed explanation of the specific blocking rules and adjustments against the 4-3, the 4-4, the 3-4, and the 3-3 Stack defensive fronts. The defensive front will change week to week and keeping rules and calls simple makes adjustments easy in the zone blocking scheme.

Supplemented with film clips, Coach Woods' instruction also focuses on the schematic adjustments that can be utilized to handle situations that may cause complications for the offensive lineman. Woods explains two backside adjustments that allows the offense to continue to run the Inside Zone when having to adjust to dominating defensive lineman and linebackers. The Pin and Loop and the Stick concept are explained. These schemes prevents gap run through by linebackers into the A gap and a stunting lineman.

Coaches will appreciate the simple answers this scheme offers to some of the more complex defenses they face. This video will give an offensive line coach and offensive coordinator everything they would need to install Inside Zone as a cornerstone of any offense.

42 minutes. 2013.

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