High Tempo Hockey Drills to Advance the Puck

High Tempo Hockey Drills to Advance the Puck
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Product Description

Get many high energy, fast-paced drills that exercise the body and mind!

  • Teach your players "hockey sense" using game-like situational drills
  • Learn how to quickly advance the puck from your net to the opponent's
  • See five ways to breakout of your zone to beat any forechecking system your opponent might use

with Mike McShane,
Norwich University Head Men's Hockey Coach;
2000, 2003, 2010 & 2017 NCAA D-III National Champions;
2017 Edward Jeremiah Division III AHCA's National Coach of the Year - 5x recipient of the award, he has won the award more than any other coach in its history;
over 700 career victories and 12x appearances in the D-III Frozen Four

Hockey sense can be taught, and Mike McShane effectively uses high tempo flow drills to demonstrate how you can help your players heighten their own senses! Using indirect passes, timing and communication, your players will learn how to defeat any tight checking system your opponent uses against you.

Every fast-paced drill in this video continuously incorporates many active skaters with a focus on skills used during a game, based on position. Your defensemen will learn why they need to move the puck quickly to advance it, while your forwards will learn when to use different passes to beat a defender.

High Tempo Drills

Through eight drill segments and various sub-segments, you will see McShane's overall theme of constant foot speed and drive to the net that helps scoring chances.

The "Hound" is an effective warm-up drill to engage players to communicate, move their feet with urgency, and create time and space by utilizing either direct or indirect passing. The drill is perfect to start practice because everyone on the ice will quickly be involved in the play.

"Cadet Indirect" is another great drill to help develop indirect passing, which is a skill that needs repetition to become comfortable with. This drill utilizes both forwards and defensemen in game-like play and reinforces how to use the boards to beat your opponent and create scoring chances. Your players will quickly absorb:

  • How to utilize indirect passing to slip past coverage
  • The best way to communicate and provide partner direction
  • The foot speed necessary for an effective attack

One of the best drills to involve your defensemen in quick outlet passing and offensive zone shooting is the "UNH Three Shot" drill. Low defensemen work to quickly retrieve pucks for a first choice outlet pass while high defensemen work on blue line utilization and shooting with the intent of net front deflections and screening.

Defensemen and forwards can improve their neutral zone transition game using the "Yale 1 vs. 0 and 2 vs. 0" drill. Your players will improve their communication and puck support skills, as this drill has a lot of quick puck touches and athletes need to know where the next pass is going.

Details Make the Difference

Each of Coach McShane's drills are shown on the whiteboard and then via video demonstration. He gives the listener fantastic insight to why each detail practiced during the drills is being taught and why they are important to the overall success of the player.

With the use of high tempo flow drills, you'll learn how to teach your players the methods of advancing the puck from the defensive zone to create offense in the opponent's end.

78 minutes. 2018.

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