High School Volleyball Systems: Rotational Defense

High School Volleyball Systems: Rotational Defense
High School Volleyball Systems: Rotational Defense
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Product Description

  • Learn how to defend against an opponent who excessively tips or hits roll shots to the middle of the court
  • Learn different techniques to close the gaps in your defense
  • Learn how to use this defense against all attacks
  • Learn how to incorporate competitive drills into your practices for training the rotational defensive system
with Nancy Dorsey,
St. James Academy (KS) Head Coach;
2015 AVCA National High School Coach of the Year;
2015 Kansas Class 5A state champions;
nine state titles in eleven years 2008-18 (finished runner up twice);
2x PrepVolleyball.com National Champions (2013, 2010);
VBM 2013 High School Team of the Year; American Family Insurance 2013 All-USA Volleyball Coach of the Year;
won 56 straight matches from 2012-13; lost only one set in 2013 (finishing 96-1); over 420 career wins

The rotation defense is a perfect fit for teams that get beat by the tip and have a strong middle blocker. In this highly instructional presentation, Nancy Dorsey demonstrates how to teach and implement a rotational defensive system. You'll learn the base, attack defense from all three positions and drills to get your team countless reps running the defense. Coach Dorsey explains the benefits of a rotational defense and provides tips that will help coaches recognize whether it's a good fit for them.

Walk Through of the Defense
Coach Dorsey starts by covering base positioning and what defenders should be looking for as they read and anticipate the attack. You will get a detailed walk-through of each position, discover where players should be set up on the court and see where each player should be positioned for left, right and middle attacks.

You will also see adjustments that can be made based on the situation. You'll also get examples of when this type of defense should not be used.

Position & Transition Drills
Learn key drills that help train players in the proper positioning and responsibilities of the rotation defense. In this segment, Coach Dorsey shows basic coach/box drills that will provide your players with numerous reps for transitioning from base to attack defense from all three areas on the court. She also suggests different types of adjustments that can be made to make the defense more effective.

Competitive Drills
Discover a series of competitive drills that puts the defense against offense. These drills give players the opportunity to use the rotation defense in a controlled, game-like setting while still providing competitive play. Throughout the drills, Coach Dorsey shares tips on what to look for during the drills, how to correct mistakes and how to make adjustments if your opponent tries to pick apart the defensive system.

This presentation is great for youth coaches, middle school and even varsity coaches. Any coach who is new to the game will find this video very beneficial. Install the rotational defense this season and give your team another alternative for effectively defending your next opponent.

49 minutes. 2014.

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