High School Coaching Academy: Strokes, Starts, Turns and Breakouts

High School Coaching Academy: Strokes, Starts, Turns and Breakouts
High School Coaching Academy: Strokes, Starts, Turns and Breakouts
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Product Description

  • Complete skill set with teaching progressions for all four strokes, starts and turns
  • Includes demonstrators with varying ability offering a more realistic look at how to develop beginning high school swimmers and how to refine more advanced swimmers
  • Easy to understand and easy to implement drill progressions
  • Over 2.5 hours of technique instruction
  • Common errors and corrections included
with Mark Onstott, former New Trier HS (IL) Head Swim Coach,:
7x Team State Champions (IL), 2x "National Boy's Swimming Coach of the Year" Award (NFHSCA),
awarded US' 'National Championship' HS team (2007) by Swimming World magazine,
team was named 2009 National Dual Meet Champions by NISCA (National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association).

In this comprehensive 2-disc presentation, Mark Onstott, one of the country's top high school coaches from legendary New Trier (IL) High School, shares a comprehensive set of essential skills for competitive swimming success.

Onstott begins with a review of several essential competitive skills. This segment includes wall basics for pushoffs, effective streamlining, dolphin kicking and sculling. He shares demonstrations of the four sculling drills that he incorporates, which start out basic and advance in difficulty.

Next, in the Stroke Instruction Segment, Onstott teaches Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, and Breaststroke that each includes a concise and consistent teaching progression. Each stroke segment includes:

  • Overview of the stroke
  • A seven-drill teaching progression that includes body positioning, recovery, catch, entry, pull patterns and timing and rhythm of the stroke
  • Full stroke review
  • Common errors and correction

In the Starts and Breakout Segment, Onstott includes complete instruction for the following:

  • Forward start technical breakdown; set up, leg angles, hand positioning, take off and entry
  • Forward start drills
  • Breakouts for each of the forward start strokes: free, fly, breast
  • Relay take offs
  • Backstroke start lead up progression
  • Backstroke start
  • Backstroke breakout
In the Turns Segment, Onstott includes:
  • Flip turn overview
  • Flip turn drill progression (5 drills)
  • Flip turn common errors (8)
  • Backstroke turn
  • Breast and Fly turn breakdown and instruction
  • Fly kickout
  • Breast pullout
What is invaluable in this technical skill instruction is that Onstott includes demonstrators of varying ability levels from lower ability swimmers to more advanced ability swimmers. With all demonstrations, Onstott offers suggestions and recommendations on how to alter the drill to accommodate all levels of swimmers. He also identifies stroke weaknesses in his less experienced demonstrators and offers tips to improve their skill level.

Each stroke's drill progression is spot on for including the latest stroke techniques and presented in easy to understand terminology. The drills are easy to incorporate for all ability levels!

This is the most comprehensive stroke instruction video on the market. Order now and receive the benefits of this time-tested, Championship-level instruction.

155 minutes. 2011.

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