High Performance Practice Planning

High Performance Practice Planning
High Performance Practice Planning
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Product Description

  • Give your players the most amount of reps in the least amount of time
  • Learn critical factors that go into planning a highly competitive and up-tempo practice setting
  • Learn a dynamic throwing warm-up to help players increase arm strength and improve concentration and accuracy
  • Incorporate an efficient offensive workout with multiple stations to get 100+ quality swings each day
with Ed Servais, Creighton University Head Coach;
4x Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year; 2011 MVC Tournament and regular season Champions; two NCAA Tournament appearances; NCAA Record .984 Team Fielding Percentage (2009)

Four time Missouri Valley Conference Coach of the Year Baseball Coach Ed Servais demonstrates an approach to practice that fulfills the very goal of practice — to eliminate reasons for losing.

Coach Servais' belief is that practice organization should be based on player development and run as efficiently as possible to get as much accomplished in a short amount of time with very little standing in line. He likes his team to practice at a very fast pace, which allows them to slow down the "real game." Making practice as close to game speed as possible better prepares players for game-like situations.

This practice plan encompasses dynamic stretching to prepare players for practice while improving athleticism and conditioning, team and individual defense, base running, leads and steals, cuts and relays, rundowns, bunt defense, 1st and 3rd defense, individual defense, and a multi-station offensive workout designed to give every hitter 100+ swings. All of these components are drilled in a fast-paced, game-like manner.

The time you have with your players must be used to develop and increase the ability to compete at a high level. Having a plan is the best way that a coach can help his players accomplish this. Coach Servias shows how his practice plan has helped him create one of the best programs in the country and will help any coach at any level help his team gain an edge in practice.

77 minutes. 2013.

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