High Performance Pitching: The Rise Ball

High Performance Pitching: The Rise Ball
High Performance Pitching: The Rise Ball
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  • Learn how to use a rise ball to rack up strikeouts
  • Learn how to throw the rise ball at three different levels
  • See how to make the rise break late-and sharply
  • Learn how to detect and correct common pitching mistakes associated with a rise ball
with Melyssa Lombardi,
University of Oregon Head Coach;
former University of Oklahoma Associate Head Coach/Pitching Coach;
2017 NFCA's Division I Assistant Coach of the Year;
2017 WCWS Champions - Back-to-Back WCWS Championship Seasons (2016-17) - 4x WCWS National Champions including 2013 - the first ever WCWS champion to lead the nation in scoring and ERA;
; five-time member of the NFCA Midwest Region Coaching Staff of the Year;
All-American catcher at Oklahoma

Melyssa Lombardi explains a pitch that has been key to the success of the Oklahoma Sooners pitching staff: the rise ball. Coach Lombardi breaks down many facets of the rise ball, including proper mechanics, drills, and strategies for when, how, and where to throw the rise.

Rise ball basics
There are three keys to a good rise ball-correct spin, speed of the pitch, and late break. A rise ball featuring these elements will put pressure on a hitter. Coach Lombardi explains the benefits of the rise ball, and how it can make other pitches look even better.

Fundamentals and mechanics
Coach Lombardi provides an in-depth explanation of the proper mechanics for throwing a good rise. Watch as she teaches one of her pitchers how to grip the rise with either two or four seams. The correct grip, body posture, and getting into a good position at release will assist the pitcher in throwing a late-breaking pitch with good backwards spin. Coach Lombardi identifies some common mistakes associated with throwing the rise and also gives suggestions for correcting typical problems.

Coach Lombardi offers several drill progressions, with variations, for throwing a great rise ball. The pitcher starts by throwing spins to themselves, progressing to throwing to a catcher while isolating the upper body, and gradually moving farther and farther back and incorporating more of the body. By isolating parts of the body and gradually incorporating more, the pitcher can focus on how the correct execution feels for each part of the body before putting it all together.

Throwing the rise
It is often said that the most important thing in pitching is location, location, location. Coach Lombardi explains the three different levels of the strike zone for a rise ball, and when and how to throw to each level. Knowing and understanding the strategy behind how, when, and where to throw the rise will make the pitcher more effective on the mound.

Pitches that change planes are often very effective against hitters, drawing many swings and misses, because the bat is fairly thin compared to its longer length. Coach Lombardi will show you how to rack up the strikeouts by throwing a great rise.

50 minutes. 2014.

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