High Percentage Upper Body Techniques

High Percentage Upper Body Techniques
High Percentage Upper Body Techniques
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Product Description

  • Learn the fundamentals of basic locks, ties, and throws to score using upper body techniques
  • Learn upper body tactics that can be used effectively in all three styles of wrestling
  • Learn how to hit Coach Hermann's patented "Bonsai" arm throw
  • Develop an arsenal of high-percentage five point moves
with Rob Hermann,
Head Coach for USA Wrestling's Greco-Roman program;
1996 US Olympic Greco-Roman Head Coach;
2000 US Olympic Greco-Roman Assistant Coach;
5x World Team member

Give your wrestler and team a distinct advantage once they lock up - whether it's Greco-Roman, Freestyle, or Folkstyle - with this valuable collection of techniques to score critical back points off your takedowns.

Rob Hermann, Olympic Team Coach and 5-time National Champion--who has trained Olympic Champion Rulon Gardner and Olympic Medalists Dennis Hall and Garrett Lowney--shares upper body tips in seven different categories. These tips can be used to dominate from the feet in Folkstyle, Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling. Coach Hermann has carefully selected techniques that can be applied to all three styles of wrestling. This DVD a perfect tool for the serious competitor and coach.

Locks, Ties, and Throws
The moves and positions demonstrated by Coach Hermann focus on becoming more effective from a variety of positions. Using these techniques, you and your athletes will learn:

  • The correct way to attack using a unique variation of the Russian Tie and five finishes from that tie, including the Bonsai Arm Throw
  • A dominating front headlock series including the Culpa and the Schultz
  • Proper technique for executing arm throws, shoulder throws and body locks
  • Three versions of the head-and-arm, including a finishing technique and effective counter
Upper Body Technique
Every complete wrestler needs to possess several five point moves that can be executed with confidence at any point in the match. Coach Hermann demonstrates 16 different five point moves. These takedowns are high percentage moves, many of which will work in all three wrestling styles: Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman.

Coach Hermann also focuses on attacking from several different positions, including the Russian Tie, front headlock and an Underhook Series. In his front headlock series, you will learn high percentage moves such as the "Culpa" and the "Dave Shultz" that are used on the elite world level, yet simple enough to be applied in any wrestling room. Coach Hermann presents several moves for advanced wrestlers such as the Korean Front Head Lock.

Additionally, Coach Hermann adds a unique finish to an arm drag, a drill for developing quick hands and a way to negate an opponent's strength to apply a chicken wing.

Coach Hermann presents moves in a step-by-step, easy to understand fashion, with language that is clear and specific. During the instruction phase, each move is broken down into sub-steps with critical phases highlighted. Also, moves are shown at various vantage points to give the full benefit of visual learning. Coach Hermann then shows what each technique looks like at live wrestling speed several times so viewers can put the move together visually.

Upper body wrestling is an often overlooked aspect in today's wrestling environment. Every wrestler needs to know five point moves when they are down in a match. These techniques are essential for wrestlers who want to learn to score from the tie up position in all three wrestling styles.

This DVD is comprised of many of the best and most comprehensive upper body techniques available. Coach Hermann is a highly sought after coach and clinician - take advantage of his expertise by learning explosive upper body moves!

59 minutes. 2012.

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