High Octane Drills for Conditioning and Practice Tempo

High Octane Drills for Conditioning and Practice Tempo
High Octane Drills for Conditioning and Practice Tempo
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Product Description

  • Incorporate the "Findlay Four" defensive conditioning drills that have made Findlay Prep one of the best transition teams in the nation
  • Condition your team while you teach your offensive strategies to maximize your limited practice time
  • Discover full court drills that will simultaneously get your players quality shot reps and conditioning
with Michael Peck, Findlay Prep (NV) Head Coach,
ranked among the top five in the nation for high school basketball; 3x ESPN NHSI Championships in 5 years (2008-12); 4 NBA draft picks in 2 years

As fatigue sets in, mental focus quickly follows. Having a team that has been conditioned to operate at a high level throughout the duration of an entire game will ensure players maintain peak performance levels.

Michael Peck brings his high energy, full court practice drills to your gym with this incredible set of drills to condition your players while still working on team concepts and fundamentals. Whether it is defensive footwork, transition offense or half court strategies, Coach Peck addresses how to add conditioning to these areas in order to build your player's stamina and still work on the game of basketball.

Peck's Findlay Four Defensive Drills are fantastic full court drills for building defensive endurance and for maintaining proper technique for a full game. Each drill breaks down the fundamental principles that have made Findlay Prep's defense a staple of their success. This series addresses so many pieces of the game that it truly is a must have in your daily practice plan.

Coach Peck also conditions his players on the offensive end of the floor. In the four player transition drill, your players will learn how to push the ball in transition using little to no dribbling in the open court to get an easy bucket. And your point guards will learn to "see the floor."

Peck uses his 160 and 4 Drill to force his players to focus on finishing at the rim, especially when tired. This is a great drill to teach your players how to maximize their dribble and scoring ability in the open court.

These drills are multi-functional and meet the needs of any team regardless of the offense or defense you play. Combining drill work and conditioning makes for an efficient practice and will keep your playhers from "playing the drill." These drills are all conditioners, but the players may not see the conditioning as a "punishment" as they often do with just running lines.

Whether you are looking for drills to help control the tempo and condition your players or just looking for a few new full court transition drills, this incredible DVD will keep your players sharp and in shape while challenging them to give their full effort.

59 minutes. 2012.

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