High Jump: Training & Technical Phase-Based Approach to Seasonal Planning

High Jump: Training & Technical Phase-Based Approach to Seasonal Planning
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Jump higher than ever before with Chad Gunnelson's complete training plan!

  • Design high jump training to sync with your team's competitive schedule
  • Learn how to measure an approach and increase step-pattern accuracy
  • Teach athletes the most essential characteristic of the high jump: the curve approach

with Chad Gunnelson,
University of Dubuque Director of Track & Field and Cross Country;
has mentored 37 NCAA qualifiers, 18 All-Americans, and 76 IIAC Champions in seven seasons;
2017 & 2018 IIAC Men's Indoor Track Coach of the Year; 2017 & 2018 USTFCCCA Central Region Men's Coach of the Year;
former Madison East HS (WI) Boy's & Girl's Head Coach, won back-to-back state championships in 2010-2011;
holds the USTFCCCA Certifications: Jumps Specialist, Endurance Specialist, Strength & Conditioning, Track & Field Technical, and Program Management;
USATF Level 1 certified

The high jump is one of the most complicated jumping events. As a highly specialized event, it can be intimidating for high school coaches to put together a successful training program that meets their jumpers' needs, especially under the scheduling challenges of a typical season.

In this video, Chad Gunnelson helps alleviate that fear by showing how to break down every aspect of the event. From annual planning to weight room progressions and over an hour of on-track instruction, Coach Gunnelson shows you how to get the most out of your athletes and create dynamic, explosive jumpers.

Developing an Annual Plan

With only 12 weeks per season and two meets per week, the high school track & field season has a unique set of challenges that aren't seen in other levels of the sport. To help you navigate these issues, Coach Gunnelson breaks down his organizational method for meso and microcycle development.

By placing a performance emphasis on meets at the end of each week, Gunnelson shows how to fit in the important sections of training, including technical days, speed and power days, and weight lifting sessions. He also shows how he organizes technical training days to add variety to high jump practices and provide the best learning environment possible.

Designing Weight Training

High jumpers put several times their body weight in force into the ground. As a result, a well-organized weight training program can make the difference between a good high jumper and a great one. However, in a short season, weight training can be difficult to implement and teach.

To help organize an efficient and effective lifting program, Gunnelson discusses various progressions for bilateral and unilateral squats. When combined with his progression for hip thrusts, he shows a simple way to help athletes safely and effectively use the weight room to build explosive strength and power. For coaches with advanced athletes, Coach Gunnelson also shows more advanced lifts like rep split jerks that take advantage of the stretch shortening cycle to help jumpers leave the ground more powerfully.

Assemble and Develop the Approach

The high jump approach is the key to success in the event. A properly executed approach can help athletes reach new heights and gain confidence in their ability to attack higher bars. However, errors early on in the approach can lead to problems at takeoff and prevent athletes from reaching their potential. In this segment, Coach Gunnelson spends over an hour breaking down every aspect of the approach, from the drive to the transition and curve, to the takeoff. By pointing out common errors and corrections, Gunnelson expertly uses various drills and progressions to help you troubleshoot issues and streamline the approach.

This video is especially great for coaches under the restrictions of a typical high school season. Coach Gunnelson provides great ideas that will be sure to help your jumpers improve!

90 minutes. 2018.

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