High Intensity Shooting Workout

High Intensity Shooting Workout
High Intensity Shooting Workout
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Build a complete routine to increase your shooting percentages from the field!

  • 15 drills to train young basketball players to shoot quality shots off the dribble and over the top of defenders
  • Incorporate your player's ball handling skills into their shot to develop shooting off the catch and shooting off the dribble against an aggressive defender
  • Improve footwork and create space off the catch to become an instant scoring threat with the Reverse Pivot Drill Series

with Tarik Robinson,
Professional Basketball Trainer; 15 years training basketball players from the elite youth level to the NBA

Developing a player's individual skills is essential in today's game. Whether it's done in practice or spending time in the off-season practicing offensive skills, players need to constantly push themselves to become the best. Basketball skills trainer Tarik Robinson has put together an in-depth and efficient shooting routine that builds every part of your player's shot.

A major theme throughout the video is competitiveness and efficiency. Many of the drills in the video have goals that must be reached in order to move on. Coach Robinson also adds game-like moves to many of the drills. These moves require players to shoot shots off of bad passes, dribble moves and conditioners.

Warm-Up Drills

When players first enter the gym, they need to have a routine. Great shooters start simple and close to the basket, perfecting their form before they step outside and look to knock down the 3-pointer. Coach Robinson has five warm-up drills you can incorporate into a shooting routine. As players get loose and get closer to their game speed, he incorporates 5-Star Shooting, where players perfect the art of catching and shooting off the pass, shooting off the dribble, and creating space to get their own shot.

Efficiency Drills

When players are in the gym, they must focus on being efficient. In two competitive drills, Coach Robinson challenges his shooters to get to a certain number of makes in a small amount of shots. Each drill represents a game against yourself.

Ball Handling, Perimeter Development Drills, and 'And 1'

Rounding out a complete shooting package, Coach Robinson uses ball handling drills to build a player's confidence shooting off the dribble. Athletes are forced to find their rhythm and get their footwork right prior to getting their shot up.

Coach Robinson adds the Bad Passes Drill, a game-like drill that forces players to catch from awkward positions and then quickly get balanced and find rhythm as they get a shot off. Practicing this can ensure that even your best shooters can knock down a tough shot. Robinson also demonstrates how to practice scoring an "And 1" situation, helping your athletes becoming stronger scorers.

Developing highly efficient scorers from the outside is vital to any team. Coach Robinson takes you through a physically challenging workout that covers every aspect of the game. From warm-up to cool down, you will get the drills you need to take your players to the next level!

56 minutes. 2016.

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