High-Intensity 3-Ball Transition Workout

High-Intensity 3-Ball Transition Workout
High-Intensity 3-Ball Transition Workout
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Product Description

  • Learn how to incorporate all fundamentals and conditioning into a short segment of work
  • Discover innovative ways to play one on one in a competitive setting
  • Create a high-intensity environment that fosters player development

with Kevin Sutton,
University of Pittsburgh Assistant Coach;
former Montverde Academy Head Coach (2007 HoopsUSA.com National Champions),
USA Junior Developmental Team (U16) Assistant Coach, which won a gold medal at the FIBA Americas Tournament in Argentina

Teach your players the fundamentals of becoming an all-around player

Kevin Sutton leads an intense, hard-nosed competitive workout that incorporates ball handling, shooting, individual one-on-one moves, and defensive technique. In this innovative DVD, Coach Sutton incorporates transition drills that work on finishing at the rim, ball handling in the full-court and transition conditioning.

Warm-Up & Agility Drills
Coach Sutton gets the players ready for practice with the New Jersey Nets Warm-Up and a close-out transition drill. He then presents seven stretching drills that include a dribbling component and a series of agility and strength training drills using a speed ladder.

Skill Development Drills
With a myriad of fundamental drills, Sutton transitions between drills in a fast-paced manner. In these drills, he places the emphasis on constant, all-out effort, keeping the shoulders low, and finishing high at the rim. Using 2-on-0 and 2-on-2 drills, players work on dribbling with two balls, shot preparation, and making passes on time and on target.

Pro Player Series
In this series, the patented moves of NBA greats Kevin Durant and Chauncey Billups are walked through and demonstrated at game-speed. The Billups Series teaches the players to play at two different speeds while maintaining a low center of gravity. These shooting drills require players to power shuffle, use the power shuffle into a screen and the utilize the jab step. The Durant Series teaches players how to play with their back to the basket on the perimeter while maximizing the amount of ground they cover on the first move and minimizing the amount of dribbles it takes to get there.

Transition Drills
Sutton demonstrates five separate 3-on-0 drills with three balls, building on the skill development series that is shown earlier in the video. With three lines beginning at half-court, the players work on passing and dribbling with multiple balls, using ball-screens, and shooting both off the catch and off of the dribble.

Order this DVD today and take your players to the next level with innovative drills from one of the game's greatest skill development coaches!

88 Minutes. 2011.

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