High-Energy Warm-Up Drills

High-Energy Warm-Up Drills
High-Energy Warm-Up Drills
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Product Description

  • Make your warm-ups more purposeful this season
  • Get high-energy drills to use at the beginning of your practices
  • Learn how to capitalize on players' energy levels
  • Learn how use warm-ups to help identify your team's skill development needs
  • Watch how to creatively manipulate each warm-up activity to suit the immediate skill set needs of your team
with Bala Spencer, Kamehameha Schools (HI) Head Girls' Volleyball Coach;
Maui Volleyball Club Head Coach; NFHS National Certified Coach; IMPACT Certified; Coaching Accreditation Program I and II

With limited practice time during the season, every minute players and coaches spend together on the court should be put to good use. Warm-ups are no exception, as this time can be used to not only get ready for play, but also to improve team chemistry and communication skills. Bala Spencer believes that if you can start practice at a high energy level, it is easier to sustain throughout the entire practice.

Coach Spencer has three objectives of his productive warm-up:

  • Stresses communication
  • Stress out players through limits and boundaries to pull them out of their comfort level
  • Challenge players to compete

Coach Spencer shares four drills/games that he uses for his practice warm-up. Each drill includes a multitude of progressive tweaks and adjustments that can be altered and wrapped around the skill needs of any team. The drills progress from simple to more complex and competitive. He explains how to add more stress and more competitiveness to the warm up. With each added complexity, there is more pressure on the team to increase communication and group problem solving skills are put to work.

This concept is perfect for every level!

Implementing this high energy warm up philosophy has helped Coach Spencer fulfill his mantra of "creating a team with many voices and one beating heart," and believes it can do the same for your team as well. Produced at the 2013 AVCA Annual Convention in Seattle, WA.

40 minutes. 2014.

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