Heavyweight Technique: Breakdowns, Pins and Escapes

Heavyweight Technique: Breakdowns, Pins and Escapes
Heavyweight Technique: Breakdowns, Pins and Escapes
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  • Learn how to establish an edge on the mat whether on top or bottom
  • Teach three breakdowns that are effective for heavyweights that are great set-ups for turns and pins
  • Turn your opponent with tilts, arm bars, bottom leg cradles, leg Turks, and arm Turks
  • Features 2x NCAA National Champion and 2008 US Olympic Assistant Coach Kerry McCoy
with Kerry McCoy, University of Maryland Head Coach;
Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame (2014);
3x ACC Coach of the Year; 2x ACC Champions; 2008 US Olympic Assistant Coach;
2x NCAA Champion at Penn State; 2x Olympic Wrestler (finishing 5th in 2000 and 7th in 2004); 2003 World Championships (silver medal); 3x All American at Penn State; 1997 Hodge Trophy winner

Kerry McCoy has been a premier heavyweight wrestler and coach in the United States since the early 90's. In this video, he shows you how to develop a heavyweight wrestler that can dominate on the mat from the top and bottom position. Coach McCoy shows several techniques from the top and bottom and how you can mix and match techniques to fit each wrestler's style.

From the Top Position
Coach McCoy teaches how to use power and positioning to control opponents while working for the pin. Learn tips to start off with an advantage before the whistle blows.

Discover three breakdowns: the thigh pry with twist and pull action, the thigh pry with an inside chop and the cross-knee breakdown. McCoy provides variations of these popular breakdowns with subtle combinations that make them well suited to heavyweights and their unique differences from the light weight athletes.

Your heavyweights will be able to breakdown any opponent while setting them up for pinning combinations. From these breakdowns, you will learn how to tilt, set up arm bars, power halfs, arm and leg turks, cradles and much more. You'll see how to apply the leverage needed to keep your opponent turned and unable to counter. These techniques are what you need to control and ultimately pin the competition.

From the Bottom Position
McCoy starts with positioning prior to the whistle. Good starting position may be the edge you need to escape or reverse your opponent. Heavyweights don't have to be super explosive to have success to escape or reverse opponents. Rather, it is all about technique.

McCoy teaches correct technique to a stand-up. He stresses sealing off and keeping pressure back into your opponent. He also shows knee-slides, and a changeover and the situations to perform these moves during a match. You will also learn how to make adjustments as opponents counter your defense.

This DVD is a must for heavyweights and heavyweight coaches alike. Coach McCoy's on-the-mat technique will have your heavyweights riding, turning, pinning, escaping and reversing more effectively and with greater frequency.

48 minutes. 2013.

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