Hardstyle Kettlebell Training for Wrestlers

Hardstyle Kettlebell Training for Wrestlers
Hardstyle Kettlebell Training for Wrestlers
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Product Description

Over 30 kettlebell exercises to improve your wrestlers' power and explosiveness in core positions!

  • Get exercises for both 1- and 2-handed kettlebells that connect to wrestling-related skills
  • Includes a 12 week foundational training plan for athletes/coaches looking to get started right away
  • Improve your wrestlers' grip strength - a key element to being able to dominate set up positions

with Mike DeRoehn,
UW-Platteville Head Wrestling Coach and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach;
named the 2011 USA Wrestling Kids Person of the Year;
2010 USA Wrestling Greco-Roman Junior National Coach of the Year

In this video, you'll get comprehensive instruction covering wrestling-specific strength and conditioning methods. Coach Mike DeRoehn demonstrates over 30 different exercises.

Different from other strength training videos, many of these kettlebell movements are connected to a demonstrated, wrestling-related skill. You will be able to see a direct transfer from what wrestlers are doing in the weight room and how it applies to helping them succeed on the mat! Coach DeRoehn begins with a basic swing and continues on to snatches and cleans. He also covers a variety of lower body techniques that are variations of the lunge

To take the guesswork out of how to put it all together, Coach DeRoehn has included a 12 week foundational training plan for athletes/coaches who want to get started right away.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Learning the unique breathing method developed within kettlebell training will teach your athletes to brace their spine through creating intra-abdominal pressure, which will keep athletes safe not just in weight training, but in wrestling practices as well.

Fundamental Kettlebell Movements

Coach DeRoehn breaks down the fundamental movements in kettlebell training: the swing and clean. The swing has excellent carryover in wrestling due to the emphasis on the hip hinge movement that occurs in most wrestling actions. Excellent examples of this are shown throughout the video

The clean also has great carryover because it also serves as a fundamental transitional movement into all pressing movements. Additionally, you'll see a kettlebell press progression to develop strength and improve the grip, and squatting patterns for lower body development.

Kettlebell Drills for Wrestling

Over 30 exercises are demonstrated in this video. The proper mechanics of each are covered with key details and a progressive series of lead up drills so you learn how to execute and/or teach the movements safely and effectively. Some of the exercises include:

  • Kettlebell Snatch - Develops explosive power more than any other kettlebell exercise. It also provides a highly sport-specific method for weight loss and conditioning.
  • Turkish Get Up - Teaches athletes the hip heist pattern under load.
  • Tactical Lunge - Single leg movement that teaches athletes to level change.
  • Lateral Lunge - The ability to move laterally in the lunge pattern is hugely important in finishing many of the shots in wrestling.
  • Kettlebell Spin - Excellent for the development of a stable base and the strength needed for an underhook.

And many more!

The ballistic nature of each movement and development of wrestling related strength/conditioning/grip/core development all at the same time makes this a unique, time efficient method of training correctly your wrestlers.

"I own well over 25 DVD's on kettlebell training and this is one of the most comprehensive in terms of how to coach the lifts. Many of the DVD's on the market focus on how to do the lifts, this focuses more on how to get your athletes doing the lifts, giving multiple coaching cues to correct the most common faults." - Customer Review

126 minutes. 2017.

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