Greg Strobel: High Percentage Turks

Greg Strobel: High Percentage Turks
Greg Strobel: High Percentage Turks
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with Greg Strobel,
former Lehigh University Head Coach;
USA Wrestling's 2010 Man of the Year;
'03-'04 NWCA National Coach of the Year;
4x EIWA Coach of the Year;
2000 US Olympic Team Coach

Coach Strobel is the master when it comes to the turk technique. In this demonstration clinic presentation, Strobel presents his repertoire of tricks and turns for the near leg and bottom leg turk. For each technique, Strobel shows the proper grip, positioning and proper execution of the move depending on how the opponent reacts. In all, there are over 20 different turns demonstrated. In accordance to his philosophy, these techniques are high percentage moves - which means they will work over 90% of the time. These turks are appropriate for any level wrestler, at any weight. In addition, these techniques can be used in freestyle competition as well. As a bonus, Strobel covers seven different counters to leg riding.

53 minutes. 2008.

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