Greg Lansing's Open Basketball Practice 2-Pack

Greg Lansing's Open Basketball Practice 2-Pack
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  • Develop strong fundamentals in passing, ball handling, and catching the basketball
  • Learn to run a shell drill against ball screens and post double to improve team defense by breaking down scoring options

with Greg Lansing,
Indiana State University Head Coach;
2011 MVC Tournament Champions

Greg Lansing puts his team through 13 individual and full team drills that address the keys to offensive success. Lansing's intensity and attention to detail are second to none, and throughout this practice session, he shows drills that are adaptable for coaches wanting to add drills that:

  • Develop half and full court offense
  • Teach proper footwork
  • Seamlessly adapt to any motion offense

Coach Lansing lays the ground work for his team as they go through individual drills covering ball handling, footwork, and pivot aggression. He then transitions into team drills that are foundational for any motion offense.

Skill Development Drills

Finding time in practice to improve passing, ball handling, and shooting will benefit any team. Lansing shows six warm-up drills to get players moving at the start of practice while also raising their skill level over the course of a season. Three passing drills, such as 4 Corners, emphasize all of the details such as jump stops, pivots, catching, and communication that enable a team to move the ball under control.

Teach your players how to get open versus defensive pressure and deliver a clean bounce pass to score off back door cuts with the Make 15 drill. Lansing has his players work through a series of cuts and offensive building blocks at game speed while they try to make 15 consecutive layups. These actions are highly adaptable to every offense and include:

  • V-Cuts
  • Passing and receiving
  • Pivoting
  • Making and passing to the back door cut
  • Finishing in the half court

Offensive Breakdown Drills

Learn more about Indiana State's offense with five breakdown drills that will refine essential pieces to their system. Here, Lansing stresses precision passing, cutting, feeding the post, player movement and pushing the ball in transition. All of these drills stress precision, game speed and timing, competition, footwork, and game scenarios.

Multiple drills show athletes how to feed the post versus defensive pressure and then space the floor with different strategies for perimeter movement. The Quick Swing drill adds in making fast reversals after post feeds to find the open shooter when the defense collapses into the paint. Guards will show a variety of ways that you can score off pin down screens.

Lansing also demonstrates "Space Up Shooting," which is one of his favorite drills for teaching offense. This drill breaks down how to space off drive and kick movements while incorporating actions such as ball screens, quick swings, and post feeds.

Coach Lansing brings his intensity, attention to detail, and high basketball IQ during every minute of this Open Practice video. His full-speed approach to practice is sure to benefit any coach seeking to push their team to a new level!

93 minutes. 2017.

with Greg Lansing,
Indiana State University Head Coach;
2011 MVC Tournament Champions

Defense is always a hot topic for coaches across the country. In this 'open practice' session, Greg Lansing hits on three major defensive fundamentals that will help your players become better at defending individually and as a team.

Take a step onto the court and watch as Coach Lansing runs a full practice guiding, instructing and correcting his athletes through a number of individual and team defensive drills. He shows you how to run shell drill three different ways, four different closeout drills, and two blockout drills. Pair this with some of Lansing's favorite toughness drills and it makes for an open practice series that is sure to make your defense better.

Shell Drill to Guard Different Scoring Actions

Learn how to run shell drill in various ways with constant communication and proper technique in defendin

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