Green Light Shooting: Determining Shot Selection and Shot Distribution

Green Light Shooting: Determining Shot Selection and Shot Distribution
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Product Description

Get Mike Neighbors' system for training shooters and determining which players have the 'Green Light'!

  • Use the "Green Light License" to help solidify the roles and shot distribution amongst your players
  • Improve shot consistency and endurance with fast-paced drills that penalize misses
  • Create a competitive environment that fuels the drive of your athletes and rewards players for hard work

with Mike Neighbors,
University of Arkansas Women's Head Coach;
former University of Washington Women's Head Coach; 2016 NCAA Final Four appearance;
has had 11 players drafted in the WNBA; Performance 'Rising Star' award (2009)

During his coaching career, Mike Neighbors has been the common factor behind restoring winning records at the University of Tulsa, Xavier University, and University of Washington women's basketball programs. He possesses 25 years of basketball experience and has earned a great reputation amongst his peers in a short time due to his studious nature and ability to coach millennial players to success.

'Green Light License'

In this video, Coach Neighbors illustrates the cornerstone to his offensive hierarchy: determining which players can act as a 'Green Light' shooter. Neighbors has found a proven method that refutes critics who feel certain players take too many shots and others deserve more shots. His "Green Light License" is an equalizer for teams to justify roles through shooting percentages in drills, practices and games.

Shooting Drills

You'll get 10 perimeter drills from Coach Neighbors, including individual and team shooting drills in which any player has the opportunity to qualify as a green light perimeter shooter. Drills like 'Sobered Shooting' or 'And-1 Shooting' can be used as green light qualifiers, standards for your program, or used for pre & post-practice reps. Neighbors also offers a few team shooting drills that focus on getting players reps with the mantra "game shots from game spots at game pace."

The "Green Light" policy and qualifying drills have served multiple purposes with Coach Neighbors' teams. The content in this video offers an excellent way to defend your best player's shot selection while at the same time diffusing player/parent meetings about playing time and shot volume.

This is a must-have for coaches looking for an answer for locker room debates and anyone who goes through frequent meetings with parents to discuss playing time. Coach Neighbors provides a solution to boost your team's ability to make shots while providing a system that makes distributing shots evenly amongst players a non-issue.

113 minutes. 2019.

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