Get it Right on Game Night with Tempo/RPOs

Get it Right on Game Night with Tempo/RPOs
Get it Right on Game Night with Tempo/RPOs
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Product Description

Wear down your opponents mentally and physically using multiple tempos and effective tempo principles
  • Learn how to practice tempo so that game night feels like slow motion
  • Learn Run Pass Options (RPOs) that make the defense wrong and stretches the field horizontally and vertically
  • Get second and third level RPO's to stress the secondary when they load the box to stop the running game
with Richard Bishop,
Grapevine (TX) High School Offensive Coordinator

Creating a high tempo offense with run pass options puts tremendous pressure on any defense, and the combination will rip apart even the best coached defenses. Richard Bishop gives you a blueprint for running the high tempo offense with Run Pass Options (RPOs), allowing you to create an explosive, high-scoring offense.

Using Tempo to Keep Defenses Off Balance

Grapevine High School's offensive doctrine is based on four elements; scoring, aggressive mentality, finish and efficiency. Tempo is created and used in a variety of ways. Stampede is the base tempo in which the goal of the offense is to snap the ball within 10 seconds. One word play calls allow for lightning quick signals and efficiency and using a static formation allows the offense to go even faster.

You will see the use of multiple calls - Smoke, Freeze, Fire Alarm, Echo and Echo Flip - that are "tools in the tool belt" that allow the offense to dictate the speed of the tempo and put additional pressure on the defense.

Run Pass Options

Run pass options give the offense the ability to read the defense and either run the ball or pass the ball depending on how the "conflict" reacts to the play. Coach Bishop describes how RPOs are built into every run play, some with three different levels of reads. Those options can include both pre- and post-snap reads and put multiple players in conflict on the defense.

You'll learn how to attach passing game tags to your own run plays so you won't have to change or adapt your current run game to fit with these screen and quick game tags. Additionally, Coach Bishop shows how he coaches the quarterback to execute RPOs and how to increase the production of your receivers when blocking for fast screens.

Coach Bishop shows you video on each RPO, as well as game video as he coaches you up on the details of each play. Second and third level reads are shown, completing the RPO play package.

If you are looking to control the speed of the game and wear down your opponents mentally and physically, this is the video for you.

78 minutes. 2016.

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