Georgia Military 3-5-3 Defense 4-Pack

Georgia Military 3-5-3 Defense 4-Pack
Georgia Military 3-5-3 Defense 4-Pack
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Product Description

  • Stay a step ahead of today's offenses with Georgia Military's retooled 3-5-3 Defense
  • Simplify your blitz packages
  • Learn a number and color system to easily call different coverage/blitz package
  • Accentuate your blitz package with five zone coverages
with Rob Manchester,
Georgia Military College Defensive Coordinator

Rob Manchester has served on the GMC defensive coaching staff since 2003, serving as defensive coordinator since 2007. In seven seasons (2003-09), GMC has been a top five ranked defense four times, including #2 overall in 2007; and led the country in rush defense in 2004 and 2007. Manchester's defense helped GMC to the the NJCAA National Runner-up in 2005.

Use the 3-5-3 to match up with any offense; spread, power game and more.

In 2004, Georgia Military launched its wildly popular video series "Encyclopedia of the 3-5-3 Defense." Since then, the Bulldogs have re-invented their vaunted defense to better match up with today's offenses, to counter adjustments offenses have made to attack the 3-5-3 and to simplify the defense for their athletes.

The biggest change you will see is the ends are now in a five technique and getting out and running to the ball. This change stops the ends from getting clogged up in the middle. In addition, the ends take the dive action, which frees up the second level to make the QB in the zone read schemes.

This defense is designed to stop the run first. However, it has different coverages and front packages so that you can bring pressure in a variety of ways and can blitz either 3, 4, 5 or 6 players on any snap. The speed you can put on the field will allow you to match up with any offense style and stop any run.

Manchester talks you thru game film showing Georgia Military's base, solid, under, tuff and heads alignments versus different formations. The different defensive front packages force the offense to form new blocking rules. The defense does not cover the offensive guards, which creates a "what if" mentality because they have to account for all five players on the second level.

Manchester includes a review of the personnel needed to run the 3-5-3 Defense. He explains traits to look for in each position to help you set up your defense.

Take a fresh look at the 3-5-3 defense today!

50 minutes. 2010.

with Rob Manchester,
Georgia Military College Defensive Coordinator;
ranked #2 in the nation in overall Team Defense in 2007

Overwhelm your opponent's offense with these easy to teach blitz packages.

Rob Manchester has been the Defensive Coordinator at Georgia Military College since 2007. During this time the Bulldogs have earned the reputation as having one of the best defenses in the NJCAA while running the 3-5-3 defense.

This video takes Coach Manchester's years of experience in the 3-5-3 and makes it easy to understand and install with your own players.

  • This DVD contains over 25 blitzes and provides a packaging system to help eliminate doubt and confusion for your defenders. These blitz packages will force opposing offensive coordinators to spend additional practice time prepping for your defense.
  • If you run the 3-5-3, this video will help simplify your system and provide defenders with word recognition to help them play faster and without hesitation.
  • This blitz package keeps offenses guessing because there are always defenders coming; the offense just doesn't know from where.
  • Manchester's system allows his players to play faster knowing the full blitz responsibility before the offense is even set.

Every blitz is shown in diagram format, followed by a wide and end-zone video clip. Throughout, Manchester teaches you how to most effectively run the blitz and what mistakes to avoid.

If you have struggled making terminology in your blitz package easy to understand, Manchester has the answer for you.

This is the most up to date DVD of its kind that goes into such detail and makes so much sense when it comes the blitzing from the 3-5-3 defense.

51 minutes. 2010.

with Rob Manchester,
Georgia Military College Defensive Coordinator;
ranked #2 in the nation

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