George O'Leary: Defensive Game Planning for Winning Third Downs

George O'Leary: Defensive Game Planning for Winning Third Downs
George O'Leary: Defensive Game Planning for Winning Third Downs
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Product Description

  • Learn how to defend down and distance and multiple personnel packages
  • Get a unique pass coverage numbering system for teaching defenders to cover receivers instead of covering grass
  • Learn how to teach your defense to stuff the short yardage play by spilling the ball carrier one hole wider
  • Develop a culture based on four stats that have a major impact on the outcome of the game
with George O'Leary, former University of Central Florida Head Coach;
2014 Fiesta Bowl Champions; 2013 American Athletic Conference Champions; 4x American Athletic Conference/Conference USA Coach of the Year;
Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award (2000);
2x ACC Coach of the Year

Seldom does such an experienced coach go into such detail on how to build a championship defense. George O'Leary uses a clinic setting to share his philosophy and everything that's important for building a successful defense. His presentation goes beyond third down situations to answering questions defensive coaches have about how to get off the field and get thepunt return units ready to take the field.

Coach O'Leary opens with the four stats that truly matter in football. He preaches a strong base defense and keeping things simple. Five objectives of a championship defensive are covered as along with the "buzz" letters he uses on the field to remind his players of proper assignment.

Coach O'Leary discusses how he breaks down an offense by personnel and down and distance. He shares his philosophy on the third down as well as different strategies he uses to stop different offenses, including:

  • one- and two-back sets
  • a six-man box versus spread teams
  • eliminating the offensive go-to receiver by rolling the coverage to him
  • the "Jersey" call, which puts a man over the receiver you want to take out of the game

Next, Coach O'Leary discusses the numbering concept of the offensive receivers and how its simplicity allows carry over and no new learning from one pass coverage to the next. He doesn't believe in having defenders dropping to zones; his defenders to run to pass receivers. The numbering system helps the defenders understand the concept of covering receivers instead of space. "Bird dog" is a call used to take a tight end out of the game and "Jump" allows you to take out the number 3, 4 and 5 men .

Many coaches have used the term "loaf" to describe a player's effort at times. Coach O'Leary shares his description of a "loaf" player in this must-have presentation for every coach with the desire to build a championship team.

This presentation will get your defense off the field by becoming very effective on third down situations. It's no coincidence that UCF has become a national player under Coach O'Leary's leadership. He knows how to win and he knows how to win third down situations! In an era where it seems like the offense has all the advantages, this presentation will help level the playing field.

Produced at the 2014 Louisville Nike Coach of the Year Clinic.

80 minutes. 2014.

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