George Karl: Offense, Practice and Team Philosophy

George Karl: Offense, Practice and Team Philosophy
George Karl: Offense, Practice and Team Philosophy
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Product Description

  • Develop an attacking mentality that will allow your players to be innovative with their talents
  • Plan practices and drills that will build the up-tempo, team oriented style of play.
  • Learn ways to incorporate your assistant coaches to help build a championship mentality
  • Discover the Denver Nugget philosophy on the fast break and Gap O offense
with George Karl, Denver Nuggets (NBA) Head Coach;
Led the NBA in scoring in 2012, 4x NBA All Star Coach, over 1,000 career regular season wins, 19 straight winning seasons

Sit back and enjoy a conversation with George Karl, one of the brightest and most successful NBA coaches of our time. A former player for Dean Smith's North Carolina Tar Heels, this 24-year NBA head coaching veteran shares the principles behind his signature fast break basketball and how and why he implements this particular style of play.

In a lecture format, Coach Karl conveys his philosophy using common sense principles and gives you tips on how to tweak everyday drills to define your team's character. He discusses how to be an aggressive team with the fast break and gap offense principles. Learn how you can create a system of fun basketball that allows for individual and team improvement and increases your player's basketball IQ.

Karl describes a typical practice for an NBA coach and how you can incorporate a high energy, high enthusiasm philosophy into your system and practices.

This talk is packed with words of wisdom and plenty of anecdotes to bring them to life. "Use a 12-second shot clock in practice," "Create a system that's fun and increases your players' IQ," and "Don't let systems override talent," are just a few of the ideas he shares in this video.

In an extended Q &A session, Coach Karl provides candid answers from his professional coaching experience to questions such as:

  • How do you deal with a player with a bad attitude?
  • How do you develop creativity and independence in your players?
  • How do you get players to buy into a team mentality?
  • What kind of stats do you use?
  • Would you say the majority of what you do is psychological?
This extraordinary DVD is a must for any cerebral coach or basketball philosopher. George Karl's coaching principles are not only an entertaining and exclusive look inside NBA coaching, but he will also make you re-evaluate your coaching style and strategy.

57 minutes. 2013.

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