Geno Auriemma's "Complete Coaching" 3-Pack

Geno Auriemma's "Complete Coaching" 3-Pack
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  • Learn how to build your offense around the type of personnel you have on your team
  • Discover how to overcome a lack of athleticism on the defensive end
  • Discover pick & roll drills that enhance game-time execution

with Geno Auriemma,

  • 3x U.S. Women's Olympic Basketball Head Coach (3x Gold Medal; '00, '12, '16)
  • 1000+ career wins - Fastest coach to 800, 900 and 1,000 wins, any level, men's or women's
  • 11x NCAA Women's Basketball National Championship Coach ('95, '00, '02 -'04, '09 - '10, '13 - '16)
  • 9x AP Coach of the Year; 8x Naismith Coach of the Year; 7x WBCA National Coach of the Year; 6x USBWA Women's National Coach of the Year
  • John R. Wooden Legends of Coaching award (2012)
  • Inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame ('06); Women's Basketball Hall of Fame ('06); National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame ('07)
  • 19x Big East regular season and 22x Big East tournament titles

Offensive progress often comes at a slower pace than gains on the defensive side of the ball. Hall of Fame coach Geno Auriemma shows how you can build the foundation for offensive excellence in a short period of time.

This video is a condensed version of how Auriemma and his staff install and practice their up-tempo offensive attack. Coach Auriemma teaches the offense in the half-court and progresses to transition, teaching players the 'why' behind each offensive set and how to read the defense.

By using a variety of transition drills that flow seamlessly into offensive sets, this video will help you increase the pace of play your team is comfortable executing. Different transition and secondary break sets will help streamline your offense and keep players from struggling for good looks at the basket late in the shot clock.

Coach Auriemma discusses the following keys to making your offense the best that it can be:

  • How to simplify and execute an unstoppable basic offense.
  • When and why coaches need to make adjustments to their game plan.
  • Why and how team success is related to shot selection.
  • Drills you can use to improve your transition game.

Strong, Curl, Pinch

Auriemma and his staff run their players through several different actions and set plays including Strong, Curl, and Pinch. Each action is run 5-on-0 and many options are discussed and practiced. This is a perfect example of how to teach your players the reads within your offense and set plays.

Making Adjustments and Set Plays Philosophy

Learn how the most successful program in women's college basketball utilizes set plays to augment its offensive execution. Taking a "less is more" approach, Auriemma discusses when not to use set plays and how they can hamper your team's scoring.

If your team sometimes struggles to create open looks for shooters, you'll want to pay particular attention to Auriemma's breakdown on how to utilize a dribble drive attack to free up shooters and force difficult defensive rotations.

Team Practice Drills and Breakdown Drills

Auriemma runs the team through a number of drills - at championship-level practice speed - and with plenty of teaching and corrections, starting with the Kansas drill, a full court drill with four trips where players complete different shots and actions. The first trip finishes with a lay-up, the second a jumper, third a skip pass and a drive, and fourth a drag screen action.

Another full-court drill to teach an attacking mentality and full court offense is the 5-man weave to 3-on-2 drill. Players go down in a weave and then come back to 3-on-2 with the person who made the lay-up and the last person to pass the ball becoming the two defenders. Auriemma breaks down the drill and explains how to best defend a 3-on-2 situation.

Special Situations and Baseline Out of Bounds

Coach Auriemma shares his thoughts about practicing special situations and then you'll move back to the court and see how they practice their out-of-bounds play execution. Auriemma also shows the different options that will be available.

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