Gary Williams: The Complete Guide to Full-Court Pressure Defense

Gary Williams: The Complete Guide to Full-Court Pressure Defense
Gary Williams: The Complete Guide to Full-Court Pressure Defense
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with Gary Williams,
former University of Maryland Head Coach;
, 2002 NCAA Champions, Seven "Sweet Sixteen" appearances

"Full court pressure is the ultimate weapon in basketball."
- Gary Williams

A game-tested, baseline-to-baseline method for trapping and applying pressure defensively! Coach Williams gives you an insider's look into one of the most potent and aggressive full-court defensive systems. A large part of Williams' success has come from his aggressive and intense style of play, which includes the full court pressure defense. Williams provides extensive game footage to help illustrate the finer points of this defensive system, as well as on court demonstrations to further enhance his entire defensive playbook. Coach Williams also teaches you drills, special situations, rules, and the proper Xs and Os to best utilize this dominating defensive system. He systemically builds this defense as he walks through each player's positioning, responsibilities, when and where traps should occur, and how to rotate out of them, along with the transition needed to prevent easy scores and get the backdrop defense established. This defense is used to cause turnovers, create fast breaks, control game tempo and increase scoring opportunities with an attacking, trapping style of play, which can easily be transitioned into a half-court, man-to-man set. Williams also shares with you five "secrets" to utilizing this type of smothering defense. In this complete guide, three major presses are outlined: man-to-man, 1-3-1, and 1-2-1-1. Also included is instruction on situational Run-and-Jump pressure. This full court pressure defense is the perfect weapon to give to your team an advantage that is completely adaptable to your team and can be used at any level of play.

83 minutes. 2005.

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