Gary Mayabb: Scripted Chain Wrestling

Gary Mayabb: Scripted Chain Wrestling
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Learn Gary Mayabb's time-tested system that helps your wrestlers grow in their skill set and learn to compete with any wrestler!

  • Learn how to use different setups to beat your best opponents
  • See how to transition from move to move to get a takedown
  • Use chain wrestling to score, and continue scoring, from the top position
  • Gary Mayabb,
    Staley (MO) High School Head Coach;6X MO State High School Championships (Oak Park HS);
    USA Wrestling Manager of Greco-Roman Programs; USA Wrestling Gold level coach (highest level possible); USA Wrestling Cadet Greco-Roman Coach of the Year (2014); 2X NWCA Region Coach of the Year and 2X State Coach of the Year;
    as a wrestler, competed at Central Missouri (2X team captain) where he was an NCAA qualifier and was also a 4x qualifier for the US Olympic Team Trials

    Are you ready to turn your wrestlers into great wrestlers and help them get wins over the toughest opponents on their schedule? Gary Mayabb has developed a system over the years that has allowed his wrestlers, some of whom came into the season as average-at-best wrestlers, to be able to compete with, and even beat, some of the highest-skilled wrestlers they've faced by the conclusion of the season.

    In this video, Mayabb begins with his philosophy and how he developed this system. Beginning with using the basics to gain the advantage, Mayabb discusses the importance for wrestlers to stay "in the box" with their stance while analyzing their opponents.

    From there, Mayabb uses the two most common takedowns, singles and doubles, as the basis to begin chain wrestling. Before getting into a single or double, Mayabb demonstrates four different setups to get to a takedown based on the opponent's reactions. After the takedown you'll get four finishes, including drills, to help perfect the top riding position in Mayabb's "Flat Iron" drilling sessions.

    Coach Mayabb and his staff spent years fine-tuning this system that has led to multiple championships and great successes and accomplishments for the variety of wrestlers he has coached. If your lineup isn't 'stacked' with top-tier, high-performing wrestlers going into the season, this is a great resource to use to help your athletes outperform their expectations and end their season, and their careers, on an upward swing!

    130 minutes. 2018.

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