Gap-to-Gap: Game Preparation Hitting

Gap-to-Gap: Game Preparation Hitting
Gap-to-Gap: Game Preparation Hitting
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  • Teach your hitters the difference between the strike zone and their hitting zone
  • Train your players to stay inside the ball, so they can use the whole field when hitting
  • Learn bunting drills and how to teach bat angles
  • Develop an offense versus just hitting

with Andy Lopez, former University of Arizona Head Coach, 1,170 career wins;
2x NCAA Champion coach; 3x National Coach of the Year; 9x Conference Coach of the Year;
led teams to 5 College World Series appearances; led Arizona to 10 NCAA Tournament appearances; Collegiate Baseball and American Baseball Coaches Association's 2012 'Coach of the Year'

Andy Lopez's hitting philosophy is centered on two main things: "Low and Hard." This simply means he wants all of his hitters to get their hands on top of the baseball to make good, hard contact with bottom hand extension, which results in more ground balls and line drives.

Coach Lopez gives you an in-depth look at his drill series and hitting organizations with one-on-one instruction and in a live practice setting. His drills are are practical and focused, which allows players to develop a consistent hitting approach. Each drill helps players develop a swing that stays short and on plane. Lopez teaches his players that each swing has a purpose and he strives for quality over quantity during hitting practice.

Coach Lopez uses a variety of hitting stations during practice. The stations last from 12-15 minutes. Each group works on a specific skill or situation that day. The stations work on pre-practice live hitting, cage work and bunting and allows players to work consistently on different parts of their swing to maximize their chances for success. You'll see a simple tee drill to teach your hitters to stay through the ball longer to create more consistent, powerful contact, a high tee drill to keep your hitters' hands inside the ball, and more.

The stations will not only help improve your hitters, but your defensive players, as well.

The video ends with Coach Lopez explaining how he teaches hitting through three main components: Principal, Purpose and Process. He goes in great detail on how these three components fits into the Arizona Wildcat offensive philosophy. Having a plan when stepping up to the plate makes hitters more successful and consistent.

This video is an excellent choice for you to learn the offensive side of the Arizona Wildcat hitting philosophy and system.

79 minutes. 2013.

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