Ganon Baker's Encyclopedia of Street Moves

Ganon Baker's Encyclopedia of Street Moves
Ganon Baker's Encyclopedia of Street Moves
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with Ganon Baker;
Nike Basketball Training Specialist,
Ambidextrous Shooting Coach,
and World-renowned Instructor and Clinician

Ganon Baker expands and refines the moves that made up his original Street Moves DVD. He demonstrates the moves of NBA players from A to Z. Physical cues are a major part of every move in this presentation. These cues include a low center of gravity, hips dropped, hard/low dribbles and court vision. Keys to driving are the close dribble, body dribble and explode with the dribble to escape the defense. Street moves A to M start with Alan Iverson's side to side fake cross over. Baron Davis is known for the training wheel series. A great fast break move - courtesy of Carmelo Anthony - is demonstrated. Dwayne Wade's move is based on reading the sternum of the defender. Once the defender changes his stance, the drag foot technique to get open to shoot. The stutter move starts the Elton Brand move while Francisco Garcia's move is a behind the back -through the leg combo move. The 'sizzler dribble' belongs to Gilbert Arenas. Other moves are named for Hakeem Warrick, Ira Newble, John Lucas, Sr., Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Michael Redd. The N-Z street moves begin with Nate Robinson's Double Drag Step move. Orien Green's famous move is based on reading the defender's hands. A big step between the defender's feet leads to the Paul Pierce move. Quentin Richardson is knows for his cross over move. Remaining moves come from Ray Allen, Steve Nash, Tony Parker, Udonis Haslem, Vince Carter, Wally Szczerbiak, Xavier McDaniel, Yao Ming, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Ganon wraps up the street move DVD with the five keys to great workouts; intensity, consistency, persistence, faith, and love of the game.

41 minutes. 2008.

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