Game Speed Out of System Transition Drills

Game Speed Out of System Transition Drills
Game Speed Out of System Transition Drills
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Product Description

  • React to errant contacts with confidence
  • Seize out of system scoring opportunities
  • Easy to implement drill progression for out of system transition
with Chris Gonzalez,
Director Volleyball Club Dinamo;
former Assistant Coach at Long Beach State (1998 NCAA Undefeated National Champions,
4X Final Four appearances in five years);
Head Coach Cal Jrs., 1998 & 2005 U.S. Junior Olympic National Champions

A significant percentage of points during a volleyball game come from out of system play. Prepare your team to grab more points from out of systems play this season! In this instructional volleyball DVD, Gonzalez shares a systematic drill progression that will enable you to develop a predictable and recognizable reaction to errant contact and give your team the confidence to transition into out of system situations. Gonzalez's systematic progression begins with an overview of the behavioral and skill objectives of the training before proceeding to the skill set progression. Gonzalez takes you through a 7-drill progression using dig and cover, dig and set, and block and cover drills. He begins with 2-person dig and set and progresses up to a 5-person dig and set drill. Throughout each drill sequence, Gonzales shares coaching tips and strategies for transition that will assist you when working with your team. Learn how to make the most out of errant contacts and generate more out of system points.

35 minutes. 2009.

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