Game Speed Blocking Drills

Game Speed Blocking Drills
Game Speed Blocking Drills
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  • Get detailed strategies for volleyball movement, positioning, and vision sequencing
  • Take angles away from your volleyball opponents
  • Challenge your players with rapid fire blocking drills
with Bond Shymansky, University of Iowa Head Coach;
former Marquette University Head Coach; 2013 Big East Champs;
former Georgia Tech Head Volleyball Coach; 2004 ACC Coach of the Year

Court movement, net movement, hand positioning and vision sequence are the major points of Coach Bond Shymansky's game speed blocking drills. He begins with snapshot blocking and focuses on anticipation and positioning. These situations are covered on the net, off the net and over the net. Players work on hand positioning, which includes spreading the fingers out as the player prepares to block. The fast penetration move is taught to add efficiency to blocking at the net. The best blocking comes from taking away angles over the net, not by going straight up. Another technique at the net is drop blocking. The player must be aggressive and take away angles based on the read made on the hitter. Shymansky demonstrates the one hand blocking technique. Footwork includes the 4-step method, which makes movement efficient and quick. Another blocking technique is to concentrate on getting square to the net in order to maintain penetration. A zone blocking drill teaches players to block in all nine areas of the net. The rapid fire blocking drill challenges the player to block five shots from two different spots on the net.

48 minutes. 2007.

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