Game Related Skills & Activities for Soccer

Game Related Skills & Activities for Soccer
Game Related Skills & Activities for Soccer
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Create numerical advantages while emphasizing width and length on the field
  • Learn small-sided activities that will help your team support play by getting numbers forward in an attack
  • Pick up strategies for using a target attacker to incorporate combination play
  • Learn how to create and establish space on the pitch to improve your team's attacking

with Ian Barker,
Director of Coaching Education, United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA) since 2012;,
former Head Coach at Macalester College;
former University of Wisconsin Assistant Coach (was a part of four NCAA tournament appearances, a Big Ten title and the 1995 NCAA National Championship);
served for 10 years as Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) Director of Coaching & Player Development

The ability to recognize numbers advantages in the run of play is something all coaches want from their players. United Soccer Coaches' Director of Coaching Education Ian Barker shows you how to build up your attack and how to train your players to recognize numbers-up situations.

Through a progression of small-sided games, your players will learn when and how to add width and length to the field. Coach Barker chooses proper times to freeze play and utilizes these moments to teach players recognition during each situation.

1 v. 1, 2 v. 1, 3 v. 1 and More

Once your players master their touches on the ball, they must begin to master their position on the field and how it relates to their teammates and opponents. Starting with 1v1, Barker breaks down each scenario and how to add another offensive player in the situation. He emphasizes the four components of quality coaching:

  • Creating space away from the ball to improve attacking chances.
  • Utilizing your goalkeeper as a viable option to help counter movements and to alleviate pressure.
  • Switching the ball quickly and attacking with pace to fully take advantage of a transition moment.
  • Using zones as the session continues to build allows the players to see the functionality of their spacing.

Practice Segments

Coach Barker progresses from having players compete in restricted areas to giving them freedom to play and apply what they learned. Practice builds up until players take on more complex off the ball movements. Many of the progression include teaching movements to create spacing such as:

  • Give width and length.
  • Utilize the target to establish spacing.
  • Interchange with a teammate.

You will get five drills to help your players understand their position on and off the ball and how it relates to play on the pitch. Coach Barker's dynamic drills create real play situations and offer players several options in obtaining a numerical advantage, while supporting the effort of quick recovery in numbers down and maintaining balance on the field.

Coach Barker also discusses his four components of soccer, how to blend in different variables like time restrictions, and gives tips for effective coaching.

This video is sure to help your team improve their attacking. Through establishing width, playing in a numbers up or numbers down situation, transitioning with pace and more, Coach Barker shows you adaptable sessions that teach key soccer principles.

59 minutes. 2016.

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