Fundamentals of the Fastpitch Motion

Fundamentals of the Fastpitch Motion
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Master the details of windmill pitching to improve the consistency and effectiveness of every pitch!

  • Develop sound timing by learning to "self-coach" and make in-game adjustments
  • Get drills that reinforce the mechanics of the windmill motion to create a repeatable motion
  • Discover common verbiage regarding the windmill that will allow coaches, players, and parents to get on the same page

with Lonni Alameda,
Florida State University Head Coach;
2018 NCAA National Champions;2018 NFCA National Coaching Staff of the Year;
Back-to-Back-to-Back ACC Coach of the Year (2013-15);Back-to-Back ACC Champions (2014-15),
2014 Women's College World Series; three straight NCAA Super Regional appearances (2013-15)

Need to learn or brush up on the basics of the windmill pitch? This video from 2018 National Championship WCWS-winning head coach Lonni Alameda breaks down the fundamentals of the pitching motion in order to help your pitchers establish a solid foundation on the mound. You will learn the philosophy behind every component of the pitch as well as some advanced strategies to ensure you're always a step ahead of opposing hitters.

Windmill Philosophy

Coach Alameda explains her philosophy of the mechanics of the windmill pitch. She teaches the fundamentals of the pitch from the ground up, broken down into three segments:

  • Upper Half
  • Lower Half
  • Arm Circle

You will learn how to fix inconsistencies with your pitchers by focusing on timing and efficiency.

Windmill Series Drills

Next, watch as Alameda works one-on-one with pitchers using the drills and the daily warm-up routine her players use at Florida State. More importantly, you'll hear how Coach Alameda instructs through "conversation." She emphasizes the importance of getting players talking to prove that they understand what they're doing and how they are addressing mechanical issues.

In total you will get nine pitching mechanics drills that reinforce the essential fundamentals of the windmill pitch. Key drills include:

  • T Drill
  • Full Circle
  • Full Circle - Rock Back
  • Full Circle - Drag
  • Rock Back Drill
  • Walk-throughs
  • Two Feet
  • Inside/Outside Fastballs
  • PIG

Pitching Philosophy

An added bonus to this video is the instruction that Coach Alameda offers on how to develop good pitcher & catcher relationships in the bullpen. She explains the the nuance of this relationship and how to build it based on mutual trust and respect.

Finally, you'll hear Alameda's philosophy in different areas of pitching, including:

  • Strategy
  • Scouting
  • Analytics
  • Situations
  • Pitching staff
  • The Mental Game
  • Preparation

Coach Alameda shows you how the pitching motion can be broken down and offers drills that work on the mechanics of the windmill. She displays how to work from the fingertips to the arm circle and then to the lower half. You'll learn everything you need to know about timing and efficiency and see drills that reinforce solid fundamentals so you can produce complete pitchers in your own program!

64 minutes. 2019.

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