Fundamentals of Defense: Basic Principles of 1v1, 2v1, and 3v2 Defense

Fundamentals of Defense: Basic Principles of 1v1, 2v1, and 3v2 Defense
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Teach and communicate the building blocks of superior defense to your players!

  • Use four key drills to build a strong defense: Block Tackle Shuttle, 1v1 in Defined Space, 2v1 in Defensive Circle, and 3v2 in Defensive Circle
  • Help athletes learn and remember defensive concepts through visual teaching techniques combined with use of player notebooks
  • Improve your team's success in 2v1 and 3v2 situations by first mastering 1v1 skills and positioning

with Leslie LaFronz,
Kean University Head Coach;
2016 and 2017 NJAC Coach of the Year;
19 regular season wings, top seed in the NJAC Tournament and first-ever bid to the NCAA Tournament in 2017

In this video, Kean University head coach Leslie LaFronz provides the framework to address the key defensive tactics and strategies that have the greatest impact on game outcomes. This includes helping players recognize various defensive situations (1v1, 2v1, or 3v2), understand how their location on the field impacts their defensive approach, and recognize tough defensive situations and the specific actions required to get the ball out of high percentage scoring zones.

Defensive Drill Progressions

In the 1v1 and 2v1 drills, LaFronz shows how to teach players to become stronger defenders by:

  • Slowing down the attack through smart positioning and patience
  • Gaining an advantage by turning a 2v1 into a 1v1
  • Improving jab tackles through the use of proper defensive grip and an athletic stance
  • Forcing the ball to the defender's strong side and using correct block tackle technique to increase turnovers

In 3v2 drills, LaFronz shows how defenders can work in tandem to get the advantage in critical "numbers down" situations within the defensive circle. You'll learn how to stress accountability and quick decision-making to slow down the attack as one defender steps up to apply hard pressure on the ball and one defender provides cover. Additionally, LaFronz shows how to improve continuity of defensive pressure with clear communication when facing quickly-changing points of attack.

High pressure situations must be controlled by your team by working together to force the ball to the defender's stick side to increase opportunities for quality tackles and pass interceptions. LaFronz covers this crucial skill, as well as how to be more successful in forcing the ball to outside zones (away from goal) by teaching players to be disciplined in maintaining balanced defensive positioning.

Coach LaFronz provides several helpful defensive positioning illustrations as well as diagrams of zones within the defensive circle and scoring gate areas that can be used during practice sessions. This video shows the full set of defensive progression drills in action with Kean University players, including LaFronz's direct feedback to players. After watching this video, you will understand when to pressure the ball, when/where to force the ball, and the correct approach to block tackling.

65 minutes. 2018.

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