Fundamentals and Techniques for Record Breaking Middle & Corner Infield Play

Fundamentals and Techniques for Record Breaking Middle & Corner Infield Play
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Improve your team's fielding and receiving technique at all four infield positions!

  • Increase your infielders' range with drills designed to improve the drop step
  • See how to position the body when receiving throws at first base to handle both good and bad throws from infielders
  • Learn and drill the various throws, flips, and feeds involved in turning double plays from both shortstop and second

with Megan Smith,
Marshall University Head Softball Coach;
former University of Kansas Head Coach;
six straight seasons of 30+ wins (2011-16);
Back-to-back NCAA tournament appearances ('14, '15);
broke the Big 12 record for batting average (.345) & was the highest in the NCAA in 2013;
Over 350 wins all time;
former LSU Assistant Coach

The skills required to play the various infield positions are unique to each position. In order to be an effective infield coach, one must understand the diverse needs for each position.

Megan Smith offers 27 drills to build fundamentally sound infielders, position-by-position, by breaking down their technique and building correct mechanics using proven drills.

Her instruction covers:

  • Ready position
  • Fielding position
  • Throwing position
  • Drop step and angles to balls hit to the forehand and backhand
  • Bunt fielding and throwing
  • Double play feeds and footwork for middle infielders

Coach Smith even has a short segment on how to throw on the run. This is a fully comprehensive video on the basic fundamentals for infield play!

Drop Steps

The drop step is used on both forehands and backhands, so a good drop step is very important to help fielders increase their range. Smith explains the technique of a drop step and offers four drills to practice it. Get your players' feet moving faster and more efficiently and you will find them getting to more ground balls deep in the hole or up the middle!

Corner Fielding

Corner infielders have diverse job descriptions, as they must field ground balls like other infielders and also have bunt responsibilities. First basemen must also be able to pick a ball thrown in the dirt. Smith covers the techniques involved for each position and offers nine drills for these skills. In one drill called Hot Dog, players practice staying low and having their feet beat their hands by fielding a rolled ball behind their backs and between their legs.

Double Plays

Making two outs off of one batted ball can bail a defense, and your pitcher, out of a jam. Smith goes over feeds and footwork for both middle infield positions to help decrease the amount of time it takes to make the play and increase the chance of getting two outs. She then teaches the art of multiple "feeds" and the different footwork needed to turn a double play at second base. These tips save time and create more outs. In all, you'll get 12 drills Smith uses with her middles to practice initiating and turning the double play.

Let Coach Smith help you develop fundamentally sound infielders that will shatter records with their consistency!

63 minutes. 2018.

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