Fundamental Defense Drills for Winning Lacrosse

Fundamental Defense Drills for Winning Lacrosse
Fundamental Defense Drills for Winning Lacrosse
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  • Learn the keys to having great team defense
  • Understand the best ways to approach the offense when in a one on one situation
  • Learn why stick position is the key to being a good defender
  • Improve the efficiency of your practices
with Scott Rynne and Brett Holm,
Tufts University Assistant Coaches;
2015, 2014 and 2010 D-III National Champions; 2016 NCAAD-III National Runners-Up

Take a comprehensive look at drills used by the Tufts coaching staff every day in practice to maximize the potential of their defensive players.

In this video, assistant coaches Rynne and Holm break down five defensive practice drills step-by-step while also explaining common mistakes made by lacrosse defenseman and how to correct those mistakes. The coaches will show you how they tailor their defensive practice plans to always match the team's philosophy. Learn how to be more efficient with practice time by using numerous fundamental skills in each drill.

These drills will develop clearing actions and over passes for defenders for a fast break offense, on ball to off ball transition and communication, sliding and recovering and zoning up the crease, and more.

Discover the most important ways to defend individual players and the correct positioning of a defender's stick. The final drill, a 6-on-6 drill, uses a combination of the previous drills to create a game like, unsettled scrimmage for the players.

Adding these drills to your defensive practice plan will help your team give up fewer goals and allow you to transition into offense a lot quicker, which will allow you to capitalize on the other team's mistakes and score more goals.

65 minutes. 2011.

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