Fundamental and Advanced Techniques for Blow Delivery and Rugby Style Tackling

Fundamental and Advanced Techniques for Blow Delivery and Rugby Style Tackling
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Product Description

Teach your players the Laws of Combat - the main principles to sound defensive play!

  • Train players to take on blockers and disengage to make tackles
  • Coach and drill players to help them defeat cut blocks
  • Train players to become efficient tacklers with safe and effective rugby techniques

with Jay Niemann,
Rutgers University Defensive Coordinator;
former Northern Illinois Defensive Coordinator

Football offenses today have become scoring machines based on spreading out defenses and forcing defenders to tackle in open space. Traditional tackling techniques have been ineffective and even dangerous as the game becomes faster and quicker than ever before.

Using a variety of recognizable tackling drills, modified to use open-field shoulder tackling, Jay Niemann gives you numerous drills to teach you the latest tackling techniques you need to shut down opponents on game day.

Rugby-Style Tackling

The most effective way to tackle in the open field, rugby style tackling, is a safer technique that keeps the head out of contact. Through a variety of drills and stations that can be used by all defensive units on a team, Niemann shows you how to build confidence in players and become dominant rugby-style tacklers. Drills include:

  • Fit Drill
  • Left/Right Tackling Drill
  • Box Rugby Tackle Drill
  • Crash Pad Tackle Drill
  • Angle Tackle Drill
  • Wrap & Roll Drill
  • Track Tackle Drill

The Drills

Using video footage of live drills and practices, Coach Niemann gives you all the coaching points and drills needed to train your players to be better tacklers. This includes emphasizing the target area, proper leverage, and leg drive to bring even the toughest opponents to the ground.

These drills can be used by all defensive units, including defensive backs, lineman, and linebackers. Niemann will help you teach your defenders how to:

  • Be in the best leverage position to stop a ball carrier
  • Wrap and roll as necessary to bring open field opponents to the ground
  • Track speedy opponents attempting to escape to the perimeter
  • Avoid unnecessary ejections by emphasizing the "strike zone" on defenseless players

Along with drills and video footage, Coach Niemann uses white board diagrams to teach you the necessary coaching points to get the most out of your drills.

The game is evolving, offenses are getting faster and defenses are getting creative. Don't be left behind by teaching outdated and unsafe tackling. By using these proven drills and techniques from Coach Niemann, you will have aggressive and confident players ready to shut down even the most athletic opponents.

58 minutes. 2017.

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