Full Court Plays and Sideline Out-of-Bounds Sets

Full Court Plays and Sideline Out-of-Bounds Sets
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Learn late game full court strategies from one of college basketball's fastest-rising coaches!

  • Get full court inbound plays with multiple attacking actions, including Pistol, Clemson and LIU
  • Learn the qualities and principles that each player must have to ensure your team is successful when inbounding the ball
  • Discover drills that will help your athletes work on passing and playing against pressure in the full court

with Jamion Christian,
George Washington University Head Men's Basketball Coach;
former Siena College Head Coach;
former Mt. St. Mary's Head Coach;
2017 Ben Jobe Coach of the Year;
2017 Northeast Conference Coach of the Year;
2017 NEC Champions - 2x NEC Champions (2014, 2017)

In today's game, coaches have to be prepared to run full court offense. Whether playing against a pressing team or just needing to go the length of the floor for a bucket, you have to be prepared to put the ball in the right player's hands at the right time.

This video featuring Siena College head coach Jamion Christian shows excellent sets, drills, and teaching concepts that will help your team become unstoppable late in games.

Full Court Sets

Coach Christian begins by talking about why it's necessary to invest time in these type of plays. One of the important pieces he addresses is who should be the inbounder. This player must be your best decision maker late in games because they have to know their job and the job of those on the court. Christian's attention to detail is one of the keys behind his teams being successful late in games.

Next, three full court sets are demonstrated that have helped Christian put his team in position to win games. In Pistol, your best free throw shooter must have the ball in their hands and be able to push the ball quickly into the front court. In Clemson, your best free throw shooters are put into spots where they can easily get the ball going downhill to attack the basket quickly. In LIU, you can utilize your best free throw shooters as passers so they can get the ball quickly to your point guard, who can push the ball into the paint.

Set Press O

Having a set offense that looks to attack both man and zone presses gives your players a huge advantage. Christian shares why setting your best ball handler away from the basket and bringing them back to the ball helps create speed for your ball handler attacking the paint. You'll also see how using your post to set a flat screen will keep the defense on their heels and create a mismatch if teams switch the screen.

Sideline Out of Bounds

If the ball is on the sideline in the back court, you have to be prepared to deliver a play that gets a great look at the basket. Christian demonstrates three sets that you can run out of different angles and set up on the floor. If you're in the front court, using a flare screen to get your best shooter an open look is a great action, especially after ball fakes and post back screening action.

You'll come away from this video with new full and half court sets that you can teach to your team today!

50 minutes. 2018.

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