From the Ground Up: Foundations for Successful Hitting

From the Ground Up: Foundations for Successful Hitting
From the Ground Up: Foundations for Successful Hitting
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  • Implement the must-have fundamentals of hitting without taking the cookie-cutter approach
  • Develop the optimum swing path for each hitter to maximize the chance to make square contact
  • Create swings that cover all parts of the plate and maximize success against different speeds
with Paul McGloin; Associate Scout for the New York Yankees;
Owner/Head Instructor, Electric City Baseball & Softball Academy;
has coached over 30 Major League Baseball draft pick

Proper mechanics are necessary to consistently hitting a baseball. Paul McGloin isolates the fundamentals of hitting and takes you literally from start to finish: selecting the right bat, grip, lower body mechanics, upper body mechanics, swing path, hands, mental approach and finish.

Coach McGloin covers the use of verbal cues that hitters can use in games to quickly self-correct their swing. You'll learn why balance, weight transfer and timing are more important than any specific front-side approach. You'll also learn the difference between linear and rotational hitters, and what it really means to "swing level." Coach McGloin follows up with valuable insights on how to effectively coach hitters during the game. He also discusses how to develop a team-based, two-strike approach to hitting, how to teach situational hitting at any level, how to identify common hitting faults and correct them and the mental game.

From the batting cage to the batter's box, Coach McGloin gives you a unique — and proven — approach to creating success for each individual hitter with tested strategies for fixing common faults.

72 minutes. 2014.

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