Frank Kohlenstein Coaching Soccer 2-Pack

Frank Kohlenstein Coaching Soccer 2-Pack
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  • Structure an efficient training session by building fitness into fun, competitive finishing exercises
  • Learn the technical exercise needed for quick combinations, ball circulation, and finding the split

with Frank Kohlenstein,
Colorado School of Mines Head Men's Coach;
2015 NCAA Division II South Central Region Coach of the Year - the third time he's won the honor);
7x RMAC Coach of the Year; 9x RMAC Champions (4 Tournament and 5 Regular Season titles);
all-time winningest coach in Colorado School of Mines history

Scoring goals is the most exciting and critical aspect of soccer. The ability to attack quickly and finish requires an aggressive pace and plenty of fitness. In this video, Colorado School of Mines' Frank Kohlenstein showcases three simple drills that do both. By keeping each drill moving and cycling players in and out quickly, he ensures players get enough touches and shooting opportunities to make for a truly effective session. By moving at a faster pace than traditional game speed, players are rewarded for playing at a high intensity, which enables them to enjoy working on their fitness.

Kohlenstein provides in-depth illustrations both on a white board and on the field to show ideas on how to use the entire team to teach fitness via finishing. You'll learn to set up and teach each drill, while gaining a better understanding of how it can help players quickly improve their endurance and tactical awareness. Kohlenstein explains the teaching points he emphasizes during the games:

  • Movement off the ball to create the spaces needed to be dangerous in the attacking third.
  • Having a sense of urgency in transition is critical in the modern game
  • The technical aspects of finishing in and around the 18 yard box
  • How the use of 1-2 touch, combination play, and speed of play can be vital when going to goal to finish

3v2, 2v1

In the 3v2, 2v1 drill, Kohlenstein places a premium on teaching players to exploit defenses and create numerical advantages by counter-attacking quickly. In this series, fitness is achieved through fast offensive and defensive transitions, as well as the continuous pace of play from each restart. To sharpen his players' tactical awareness, Kohlenstein instructs them on how to isolate defenders and create numerical advantages quickly, making it easier to play with pace and score.

Crossing and Finishing

This competitive game has plenty of hidden fitness in it and works on finishing from a crossed ball. Kohlenstein teaches players how to frame the goal and bend runs to coordinate their timing, giving the crosser a chance to deliver the perfect pass. In this 4v1 opposed crossing & finishing game, the players must address multiple situations that a team faces in the final third. Finishing, technique, runs in the box, and transitions are just a few areas covered in this dynamic game that incorporates finishing from central and wide areas. This is an excellent exercise for not only your field players getting repetition after repetition, but also works your goalkeepers in a fast-paced, high-tempo drill.

2v2 Play

Kohlenstein plays two games of 2v2 simultaneously on the same net. This game creates many opportunities for field players to finish and trains different combinations to break down compact defenses in the final third. In the 2v2 game, players try to attack or counter quickly, creating numerical advantages and better opportunities to score. By playing two games within the same field at the same time, it creates a chaotic environment that forces athletes to communicate and think quickly. Goalies must read the most dangerous situation and react while players must be aware of possession options and when an open goal presents itself for the quick finish.

No need to block off additional practice time for fitness training! Learn how to incorporate both fitness and finishing in a dynamic, game-like environment courtesy of Coach Kohlenstein.

69 minutes. 2017.

with Frank Kohlenstein,
Colorado School of Mines Head Men's Coach;
2015 NCAA Division II Sout

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