Four Phase Skill Development Practice

Four Phase Skill Development Practice
Four Phase Skill Development Practice
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  • Learn how to break down drills into packaged sets that are associated with different aspects of the game
  • Get four packaged drill sets aimed at reinforcing various elements of any offensive and defensive system
  • Develop better on-ball defenders -- guard or post -- with 1v1 breakdown drills
  • Train players to effectively attack the paint and find open teammates
with Pat Skerry,
Towson University Head Coach;
2012 CAA Coach of the Year; Owns the largest single-season turnaround in NCAA Division I men's basketball history (2011-2012 season at Towson)

After finishing 1-31 in his first season at Towson - a team coming off a 4-26 record the previous season - Pat Skerry orchestrated the biggest turnaround in NCAA history going 18-13 during the 2012-13 season.

In this unique look into the Towson University program, rising star Pat Skerry shares his four phase player development program that will not only enhance player development, but team development as well. Coach Skerry takes you into a live development session where he focuses on skill work for both guard and post. Coach also in 5-0 and live 5-5 play shows you a multitude of offensive sets they use to help with their 18 win season last year.

Coach Skerry starts the session off with a dynamic warm-up and stretch routine. He then transition you into his skill development session where he does a great job of teach and explaining some of the techniques and beliefs they have for their program.

Drill Series One: Individual Skills
Coach Skerry likes to start all practices with ball handling drills that challenge the players as they attack the basket. These drills involve change of direction, finishing with contact at the hoop, and finishing with contact. Nova Passing is a drill that works multiple skills such as communication and using the 1-2 step as they catch the ball. Perimeter players work on footwork while exiting an L-cut, finishing off of a single dribble in order to maximize the dribble, and passing accuracy via the 'on-time, on-target' approach. Post players are taught the 'pump and power' approach to the jump stop and strong finish around the rim.

Drill Series Two: Transition
The Drag Ball Screen drill is orientated more for their perimeter players, as players are instrutcted on how to utilize the drag screen while in a transition-offensive set. Drive and kick aspects to attacking the key are also stressed.The Pick and Roll drill is mainly for their post players. Each of these concepts rely on good spacing and crisp delivery of the passes.

Drill Series Three: Using Screens
Drill Series Three focuses on utilization of various screens within the half-court. Post players are taught how to gain position on a block-to-block rip screen and and are forced to absorb contact (via a pad) while finishing at the block. Post players also are drilled on several catch and shoot opportunities from the elbow and short corner areas, both the primary options in the team's zone offesne. Perimeter players are taught the value of the reverse dribble in order to draw the hedge defender out and to open a driving lane to the key for a drive and kick opportunity.

Drill Series Four: Defense
The last Drill Series works on defensive development. players are instructed on close-out technique, on-ball defensive pressure, forming a 'wall' at the rim, help defense positioning, weakside spacing, and defending the rip screen. Each of the drills in this series focus on being physical without fouling, and also double as a great conditioning drill as the players are force to work extremely hard.

Learn how to combine your skill work with your team concepts to make your practice as efficient and effective as possible. Narrowing the focus of each drill set to the primary elements required of his systems allows for a more rapid player development in terms of both skill and awareness.

56 minutes. 2014.

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