Foundational Pitching: Setting Up Beginning Pitchers for Future Success

Foundational Pitching: Setting Up Beginning Pitchers for Future Success
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Teach your beginning pitcher drills and techniques to make them effective in the circle!

  • Learn fundamental pitching techniques that will build a solid foundation for future success
  • See pitching progressions that work from the ground up that help pitchers develop speed and accuracy
  • Give beginning pitchers the ability to self-correct so they can make in-game adjustments without relying on a coach

with Lin Casciato,
Softball Coach and Clinician (since 1989) at all levels of softball - club, high school and college;
coach for NW Fastpitch (2018 ASA Oregon State Championship);
several Casciato-coached athletes have gone on to play for college programs at all levels

Pitching is the name of the game, yet many youth coaches have limited experience with such a critical skill. In this video featuring long-time coach Lin Casciato, you'll learn the basic pitching movements, along with appropriate progressions, to feel confident in your ability to develop a strong foundation for your pitchers.

Progressions and Drills

Coach Casciato incorporates a teaching progression that helps beginning pitchers understand the necessity of repeatable actions in the pitching motion. Additionally, he offers an extensive list of drills that players can pick and choose from to get the repetitions they need during practice.

This video incorporates isolation drills and a progression that builds a synchronous approach for the upper and lower body. You'll get techniques for isolating the mechanics of the pitching motion, allowing players of all ages to "feel" when they are using the correct method and better focus on the individual elements of the pitching process.

Build Confidence and Understanding

Fast-pitch mechanics can be difficult to master for an inexperienced player. Casciato provides exercises that will take pitchers to a place of confidence and comfort within the pitching circle. He offers direct instruction and provides explanations that will help you and your players understand proper mechanics.

Coach Casciato does a great job of simplifying the pitching motion so that you can understand it and have your pitcher work through progressions to get the ball on line. Additionally, this video suggests a variety of drills that players can do at home in a small space to reinforce the motion, which can help them learn the motion without the stress of throwing a strike.

Develop better pitchers today!

80 minutes. 2018.

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