Football Snap

Football Snap
Football Snap
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Product Description

A dominant control position used to wear down and score on opponents
  • Develop an explosive penetration step
  • See 10 attacks from one position that can score no matter what your opponent does
  • Learn how to get a 5-point near-fall or pin from the feet
with Mike Powell,
Oak Park River Forest (IL) High School; 2x Illinois Dual Team State Champions;
2012 National Wrestling Hall of Fame - recipient of the Medal of Courage;
former Illinois National Team Greco-Roman Coach; 2012 USA Wrestling Cadet Coach of the Year;
All-American wrestler at Indiana University

Mike Powell presents the technique and finishes to one of his signature moves: the football snap. This dominant tie is ideal for wrestlers that don't have an explosive penetration/drop step and struggle getting under opponents to get to an attack. The football snap's purpose is to wear down your opponent, allowing you to hit your attacks easily. It also serves as a nice change-of-pace set-up, as it forces wrestlers to use their left hand - and pulls the opponent down into a right-handed front headlock.

Coach Powell begins by demonstrating the mechanics of the football snap. He covers the Jam, Circle, Bounce technique. All his wrestlers have to master this before moving on to the finish. Opponents can stay on their feet, but with this technique you'll be able to create the angle you need for a successful attack. Coach Powell covers the basic finish, the Butt Drag, and Head in the Hole counter used when you get stuck in front of your opponent.

Leg Attacks from a Football Snap

The Football Snap provides a number of option to score on leg attacks. Coach Powell offers the following options, giving you the ability to score no matter what your opponent tries to do to counter:

  • Opposite Side Single Leg - Learn how to finish when you can't get the opponent snapped to the mat. Coach Powell shows you two options using this technique, including how to get five points with an inside cradle.
  • High Crotch - For when your opponent is backing out hard.
  • Bull Rush Double - Perfect when you feel like you are losing your grip on the football snap.
  • Ankle Picks
Coach Powell also give you two techniques to use that will take your opponent to their back: Cross Knee Pick, with two versions to score a fall, and the Dresser Dump.

Popping the Opponent's Head Out

If you start to feel your opponent getting out of the football snap, Coach Powell gives you a number of options to still get the takedown:

  • Collar Steal
  • Underhook Snap
  • Underhook to High Crotch
  • Underhook Throw by Single
  • Inside Trip

Coach Powell's teams have used the football snap with great success. Add it to your team's takedown arsenal today!

44 minutes. 2011.

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