Focusing on the Fundamentals

Focusing on the Fundamentals
Focusing on the Fundamentals
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Learn how to build a solid skill set for beginning club and high school athletes.
  • Learn how to plan for the lifelong development of your players, while producing well-rounded athletes who continue to improve
  • Discover an active warm-up to teach coordination, build a strong core, and build stamina
  • Learn how to teach basic volleyball skills using key words and positions, so technique is correct from day one
with Maggie Griffin,
Club founder and Director of VCNebraska,
VCNebraska Master Coach for the College Prep program,
member of the 2006 NCAA National Championship Nebraska Women's Volleyball team, played for Sports Performance Volleyball Club winning two Junior Olympic titles, was a 4-time AAU All-American and 2-time JO MVP

Maggie Griffin has been trained by some of the most successful coaches in the world. Now she's implemented her training and experience into a system for developing young volleyball players. This system includes movement training, coordination drills, conditioning and training the basic skills of volleyball using a language that athletes can understand.

Active Warm-Ups
A lot of coaches only know how to do a basic set of dynamics, but these warm-ups also help with agility, speed and strength. Coach Griffin's warm-up exercises are used to increase coordination, core strength, speed, agility and endurance. The goal of the warm-up is to produce a more functional athlete who is prepared to train at a high level.

Shuffle Series
Shuffling is an extremely important concept when preparing an athlete to pass. Using a variety of shuffle drills, Coach Griffin demonstrates how on-court movement is trained in her gym. The use of key words and ‘naming' the posture is critical to ensuring that everyone is on the same page and remembers how each skill and drill are performed.

Fundamentals of Setting, Passing, Serving and Attacking
The final third of the video focuses on introducing the fundamental skills of volleyball to the novice player. Each skill is broken down using key words and numbered steps, so everyone has a common language. Starting with the stationary execution of the skills, movement is then introduced as the basic concepts are mastered.

This video showcases tried and true methods for training athletes in the fundamental, technical skills they need to excel and succeed in an environment of discipline, success and enjoyment. This is a valuable resource for high school teams with active feeder programs or any club that includes young players.

Produced at the 2014 AVCA Annual Convention in Oklahoma City, OK.

52 minutes. 2015.

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