Finishing the Single Leg Attack

Finishing the Single Leg Attack
Finishing the Single Leg Attack
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  • See how to take the athletic defense away from your opponent
  • Discover the secrets to Augsburg's signature move: the shoulder pummel set-up
  • Learn how to beat the whizzer
  • Learn easier, more effective ways to finish single-leg attacks
with Jeff Swenson,
Augsburg College Athletic Director;
former Augsburg College Head Wrestling Coach;
10X NCAA Division III National Championship Coach;
13X MIAC Coach of the Year,
6X NWCA National Coach of the Year,
inducted into the NCAA Division III Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame in 2005

Six-time NWCA Coach of the Year Jeff Swenson shows you the "Augsburg way" to finish your single leg takedown attempts - both on your feet and on the mat.

Part 1, From the Mat: Discover eight ways to beat the defenses your wrestlers will see from the mat. Learn essential techniques like far ankle, quad load, windmill, bump, hip pull and more. Put these techniques to work with Swenson's live action practice drills.

Part 2, From Your Feet: Learn 10 easy, yet effective, finishes from the feet such as the toe trip, Demery Finish, Run the Pipe, Okie, High Outside Finish and more. For the first time on video, Swenson reveals Augsburg's signature move: the shoulder pummel set-up. Two former Augsburg All-American wrestlers demonstrate each technique step-by-step, highlighting the keys to making each move work.

Don't let your wrestlers settle for a stalemate - these finishes will give your wrestlers more options to score.

58 minutes. 2009.

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