Field Hockey Tactics and Strategies Set

Field Hockey Tactics and Strategies Set
Field Hockey Tactics and Strategies Set
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Product Description

  • Improve your approach to attacking out of the back
  • Enhance your teams' defensive prowess today
A 2 Video Set Featuring 7X National Field Hockey Coach of the Year Missy Meharg of the University of Maryland;
2011 & 2010 Back-to-Back National Champions

Disc 1: Team Attack
Utilizing chalkboard diagrams, a simulated field, and demonstrators on the practice field, Meharg shares her thoughts on how Maryland practices building an effective attack out of the back. Using the 5-3-2 formation, Meharg details, position-by-position, an overview of where everyone needs to be to optimize the offensive attack as the ball moves from the defensive third of the field to the middle third of the field and into the offensive third of the field. This excellent presentation will show you how to organize and maximize a successful team attack!

56 minutes.

Disc 2: Team Defense
In this excellent presentation on building and practicing a successful team defense set-up, Meharg uses visual aids on the chalkboard, on a simulated field, and on the practice field with demonstrators to show how she sets up her defense in each third of the field. Using the 5-3-2 formation as a guide, Meharg explains the position and responsibilities of each area and the decisions a coach needs to consider. This is an excellent presentation that will show you how to organize effective team defense!

55 minutes.

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