FAT Formation Offensive Series

FAT Formation Offensive Series
FAT Formation Offensive Series
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Product Description

  • Learn how to use balanced and unbalanced formations to keep defenses off balance
  • Create misdirection by tagging various motions onto his base play calls
  • Learn how Bruce Eien game plans to attack various defensive fronts based on what they're trying to defend
  • Learn a movement passing game system to give your quarterback various launch points to throw from
  • Learn simplistic schemes that allow your players to play fast

with Bruce Eien,
veteran coach with over 30 years of coaching in California and Oregon;
founder of the West Coast Single Wing Conclave;
Harrisburg (OR) High School Assistant Coach/Quarterbacks;
former Brethren Christian (CA) High School Head Coach

In a game that predominantly features spread offenses, it has become advantageous to be different: enter the Fat Formation offense. By incorporating the principles of a balanced single-wing formation with a modern passing game, the Fat Formation offense can be used to attack any defense using a simple scheme in order to yield solid results.

Coach Bruce Eien explains the play calling terminology he uses in the Fat Formation and how it simplifies the offense from a teaching and learning standpoint. He diagrams, via a PowerPoint presentation, various formations, motions, shifts, and ways to unbalance the offensive formation to gain a numbers advantage on the defense. You'll see how to run the offense if you have four good running backs, four to five great wide receivers or a great tight end-wing combination. Coach Eien essentially shows you how to make the Fat Formation offense fit all personnel situations.

A Multiple Offense

Coach Eien, with his many years of experience around a variety of offenses from the Power I to the Run and Shoot, has learned many tried and true principles of offensive football. He shows you how to use multiple points of attack while using various formations, all with a simple communication system that will allow your offense to dominate opposing defenses on game day. From this video you will learn how to:

  • Install multiple motions and formations
  • Use multiple launch points (direct snaps)
  • Shift formations to create defensive confusion


Football has a storied past of innovative offensive strategy in trying to defeat opponents. Many offenses of old used to shift from multiple formations, which would prevent defenses from lining up correctly. Only now do we see this being utilized regularly by the likes of Stanford and Michigan. Coach Eien has done the research and informs the viewer of such iconic shifting such as the:

  • Notre Dame shift
  • Landry shift
  • Minnesota shift


In addition to shifting to create problems for your opponents, Coach Eien also recommends various huddling strategies to keep defenses on their toes. This includes Auburn's Sugar Huddle, Quick Huddle, No Huddle and Michigan's Line Huddle.

Power Offense with Misdirection

Coach Eien diagrams the base plays of the offense, which include plays that are designed to feature one of four potential ball carriers, as well as pass plays that feature two different passers. The run plays diagrammed are blast, wham, power, and sweep. The pass plays are smash, mesh, and roll, as well as several single wide receiver routes designed to take advantage of favorable match-ups. Each play can be run from multiple formations and combined with motions, shifts, and misdirection to create different looks for the defense.

A wise man once said, "You can be good, or you can be different." With Coach Eien's Fat Formation, you can be both. A unique, but sound offensive system will be different to your opponent, forcing them to use up valuable practice time preparing to face your system. The small, but effective number of plays will allow an offense to get good at what they do, build an identity, and get after it!

"The information on shifting offenses alone made this video worth it. I now know of new ways to help disguise my tendencies all while not having to waste practice time." - Customer Review

101 minutes. 2017.

with Bruce Eien,
veteran coach with over 30 years of coaching in California and Oregon;
founder of the West Coast Single Wing Conclave;
Harrisburg (OR) Hi

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