Faster Than the Fly: Passing Game in the Gun Rocket Offense

Faster Than the Fly:  Passing Game in the Gun Rocket Offense
Faster Than the Fly: Passing Game in the Gun Rocket Offense
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Product Description

  • Take advantage of the over-rotating defenses through the air
  • Incorporates play action and quick passing games
  • Limit the number of hits on your quarterback
with Blair Hubbard, Lutheran (CO) High School Head Coach;
former Faith Christian High School (CO) Head Coach; 3x State Champions (2004, 2006, 2009);
10 Consecutive League Championships (2005-14), All Colorado Coach of the Year (2004); Member of the Metropolitan League Hall of Fame (2010)

The Gun Rocket Offense has been extremely effective and efficient over the past five seasons averaging 18 TD passes per season and surrendering less than seven interceptions and seven sacks per season.

In order to defend the rocket sweep, defenses are forced to make adjustments to their normal defense. Often those adjustments come from the defensive backfield through aligning safeties close to the line of scrimmage or rotating the defensive backfield with motion. Through film breakdowns and detailed descriptions, Blair Hubbard will show you how and where to attack these adjustments.

This DVD includes:

  • Quick Passing Game
  • Rocket Sweep Play Action Passing
  • Boot Pass Game
  • Sprint Out Passing Game
  • Screen Game
You will see how even the quick passing game becomes a play action pass due to the rocket motion and its effect on the defense.

Not only will you learn how and where to attack with the quick passing game, but you will learn the play action passing game and screen game that has been developed around the gun rocket sweep action.

When the defense adjusts to your sweep, make them pay with the pass!

65 minutes. 2011.

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