Faster Than the Fly: Off-Tackle Complements in the Gun Rocket Offense

Faster Than the Fly:  Off-Tackle Complements in the Gun Rocket Offense
Faster Than the Fly: Off-Tackle Complements in the Gun Rocket Offense
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Product Description

  • Learn to attack even and odd fronts
  • Learn to incorporate the Speed Option and how this can become an off-tackle play
  • Get adjustments to take advantage of a running QB or "Wild Cat" athlete
with Blair Hubbard, Lutheran (CO) High School Head Coach;
former Faith Christian High School (CO) Head Coach; 3x State Champions (2004, 2006, 2009);
10 Consecutive League Championships (2005-14), All Colorado Coach of the Year (2004); Member of the Metropolitan League Hall of Fame (2010)

After establishing the gun rocket sweep in the first DVD of the Gun Rocket Series, Blair Hubbard shows you how the dynamic effect of the rocket sweep affects a defense in other areas.

Once a defense starts to lean, run, shift, and adjust to the rocket sweep, they will weaken themselves in other areas. The first area to attack when defenses attempt to chase down the rocket sweep is the off-tackle area.

Coach Hubbard starts with examples of the rocket sweep and shows how the reaction of defenders makes them vulnerable to being attacked. Due to the unique backfield mechanics of the Gun Rocket Offense, you will see how traditional rocket sweep complements from under center can be applied to a gun-based offense.

Hubbard breaks down three plays to attack the off-tackle area: Power, Down, and Speed Option. He details the blocking schemes against odd and even fronts and shows them to the strong and weak side.

You will also learn how to adjust these plays to feature an athletic, running quarterback or insert a "wild cat" athlete and take advantage of the formation opportunities available when going empty. Utilizing a running QB allows you to spread a defense with empty formations or take advantage of what Hubbard calls bonus offensive players.

The addition of Speed Option to the off-tackle attack forces defenses to play assignment football and becomes the change-up to the rocket sweep's fastball. Hubbard shows you how he makes the Speed Option a three-way play: QB power, QB sweep, or a pitch to the motion man.

Hubbard includes many film examples of each off-tackle play, which makes it easier for you to break down the nuances of each play.

Discover effective counters to defensive adjustments with these off-tackle compliments for the gun rocket offense!

66 minutes. 2011.

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