Faster than the Fly: Coaching the Gun Rocket Offense

Faster than the Fly: Coaching the Gun Rocket Offense
Faster than the Fly: Coaching the Gun Rocket Offense
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Product Description

  • Hit the perimeter of the defense faster than ever
  • Put stress on the defense to cover the point of attack without weakening in other areas
  • Get a formation system that has over 5,000 different looks
  • See no-huddle basics, benefits, and communication ideas
with Blair Hubbard, Lutheran (CO) High School Head Coach;
former Faith Christian High School (CO) Head Coach; 3x State Champions (2004, 2006, 2009);
10 Consecutive League Championships (2005-14), All Colorado Coach of the Year (2004); Member of the Metropolitan League Hall of Fame (2010)

In the first DVD of the Gun Rocket Series, Blair Hubbard teaches you the basics of an offense that has maintained a scoring average of over 37 points a game, 4700 yards of offense per season, and has led to a record of 58-5 from 2006-10 including two undefeated championship seasons.

Coach Hubbard teaches the rocket sweep from a shotgun set and shows very simple, unique techniques for building an offensive series around the Gun Rocket Sweep. These techniques allow all of the complementary plays associated with an under center rocket sweep series to be used from a shotgun set.

Whether you are a spread team, gun-power team, spinner series team, or hybrid wing-t team, you will see the benefits associated with utilizing the rocket sweep out of a shotgun set.

This DVD includes:

  • Diagrams and adjustments for the rocket sweep
  • Offensive position numbering and terminology
  • A formation system allowing for over 5,000 different looks
  • Motions and pre-snap shifts
  • Play calling system
  • 10 creative uses for wristbands including lineman rules wristbands
  • and much more!
See how the rocket sweep from the gun actually hits the perimeter faster than the fly-sweep. This puts a great amount of stress on a defense to get defenders to the point of attack without weakening themselves in other areas.

The gun fly-sweep and gun jet-sweep has given shotgun-based teams an opportunity to get the ball in the hands of their athletes and attack the perimeter of the defense.

No matter what type of gun-based offense you run, the rocket sweep will make your offense more productive.

93 minutes. 2011.

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