Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense Series

Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense Series
Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense Series
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  • Utilize field position to your advantage with a plan for play calling in six different zones
  • See how to tag a specific player without having to change a play
  • Learn an incredible Slow Screen to get your dynamic running back into space and allow him to use his talents
  • Use a variety of formations, but run the same routes
with Justin Fowler,
Hanford West High School (CA) Head Coach;

Use every inch of grass on the field to spread out the defense, reduce the number of defenders in the box and reduce the number of blitzes your opponents can throw at you.

Justin Fowler gives a detailed explanation of how Hanford West High School operates in their no-huddle offense. Coach Fowler guides you through each step on your path to No Huddle, Spread Offense domination. In this first of four videos, Fowler divides his "blueprint to success" into 15 topics.

This complex-looking yet easy to run offense will provide numerous benefits to your program:

  • You will get more athletes out for football by playing "basketball on grass." Players, coaches and fans love this offense.
  • Makes it easy to create an up-tempo practice that will maximize your practice reps, eliminate discipline issues (because everyone is busy), and incorporate conditioning throughout practice.
  • Let's you control the offensive tempo of the game.
Fowler shows how he uses certain areas of the field to dictate how he attacks the defense. He also shares his clock management philosophy. He shows the simple steps his team uses to identify the defensive front, and the simple system his quarterback uses to recognize the defense.

He uses a power point presentation to show the different types of run blocks the offensive line will use to execute the run game. He then breaks down the pass protection of the offensive line. He gives many different ideas of how to practice the offense with great efficiency. He concludes the video with the different formations, motions, and play series that his offense uses.

Coach Fowler has something for everyone in this video making it appropriate for coaches who coach all ages and all levels. The No Huddle Spread Offense is a weapon of the new millennium. An effective, pressure producing, air onslaught against any defense. But beware, success breeds imitation! The unstoppable offense you use today will be the same offense you face in the future!

67 minutes. 2012.

with Justin Fowler,
Hanford West High School (CA) Head Coach;

Coach Fowler details four running plays that he uses to attack the defense. He begins by covering gap designation and defensive line techniques that will help your offensive linemen determine which defenders are their responsibility when running the inside and outside zone plays.

He explains combination blocks and how they can be used to gain a numbers advantage on the perimeter. Blocking philosophies are illustrated so you know how the blocks are used. You may find that you are using many of these blocking philosophies in your current offense, which will simplify the implementation of these concepts. Combination blocks such as the double read are covered to address stunts and twists of defensive linemen and linebackers.

Fowler provides a series of plays he uses in his offense along with the hole numbering system.

Fowler uses game footage and Power Point to demonstrate the inside zone, outside zone, wrap, and draw running play against different defensive fronts. He spells out the blocking assignments of the offensive line and provides coaching points on what your backs will need to do to make the plays successful.

This is a great video that gives detailed explanation of the run game in a no huddle offense.

51 minutes. 2012.

with Justin Fowler,
Hanford West High School (CA) Head Coach;

Install a multiple screen package that slows down the pass rush and chews up huge chunks of yardage.

Imagine a multiple screen package that attacks from both sides of the field with a blocking scheme so simple your players will execute the multiple screens with ease. Justin Fowler presents his complete screen and quick passing game used in his no huddle spread offense.

Coach Fowler uses a multitude of qu

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