Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense: Screens and Quick Game

Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense: Screens and Quick Game
Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense: Screens and Quick Game
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Product Description

  • Learn an incredible Slow Screen to get your dynamic running back into space and allow him to use his talents
  • Install a quick passing game to attack a defense that is putting heavy pressure on your quarterback
  • Discover a call system that simplifies the learning process for the players and allows for the ultimate in execution
  • Use run game formations to gain numbers advantages and stretch the defense
with Justin Fowler,
Hanford West High School (CA) Head Coach;

Install a multiple screen package that slows down the pass rush and chews up huge chunks of yardage.

Imagine a multiple screen package that attacks from both sides of the field with a blocking scheme so simple your players will execute the multiple screens with ease. Justin Fowler presents his complete screen and quick passing game used in his no huddle spread offense.

Coach Fowler uses a multitude of quick bubble screens to beat up on attacking defenses and create an extension to your running game. He also diagrams the traditional jailbreak screen and a slow screen to create space for your dynamic tailback.

Ace, Deuce, Trey and Trips formations increase pressure on the defense, allowing this high tempo offense to gain a numbers advantage and attack with lightning speed. Fowler clearly diagrams each play and discusses his unique numbering system which makes the multiple packages incredibly simple for his players.

Fowler preaches to his offensive linemen to hustle down the field to distort the path of the defensive pursuit from the backside. This puts the offense in position to line up and get the next play snapped so quickly the defense has a difficult time getting correctly aligned.

While the quick screen plays are designed for the no huddle spread, coaches can easily incorporate these plays into other offenses such as the Wing-T or Triple Option.

The quick passing game consists of the speed out, a stick concept and a switch route that gives this up-tempo offense a high percentage passing game. Once again the number system is used, which allows the players to quickly understand the play, the side of the ball the play is designed for, and which player will carry the ball. Linemen use a vertical set on their pass protection and the number system tells them how deep to make their set.

Fowler completes the video with game footage with multiple looks of each screen as well as the quick game. While this offense is designed to run at a fast pace, coaches will find they can manage the clock while running the no huddle spread.

Screen plays force the defense to cover the entire field. When you stretch the field you force down lineman to run from sideline to sideline and force defensive backs to make solo open field tackles.

This season, force your opponent to adjust to multiple formations while your players' responsibilities stay the same. The screen game is the ultimate weapon in neutralizing a fast, hard hitting defense!

60 minutes. 2012.

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