Fast Lane Turns & Breakouts

Fast Lane Turns & Breakouts
Fast Lane Turns & Breakouts
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Product Description

  • Faster turns save time, energy and deliver maximum speed in and out of the wall
  • Detailed drill instruction for high speed turns
  • Learn how to incorporate the dolphin kick into the turn breakout
with Frank Busch,
USA Swimming National Team Director; 2x U.S. Olympic Swim Coach,
former University of Arizona Head Coach; 2x NCAA Championship Coach; 6x National Coach of the Year; member of the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA) Hall of Fam3 (2008)
and the Arizona Coaching Staff

The Frank Busch philosophy on turns is three fold: 1) Don't lose time 2) Don't waste energy 3) The speed you carry into the wall determines the speed you can carry off of the wall. In the IM Turn segment, Busch details the techniques and nuances of the three turns for the IM that includes advanced and basic technique for the back to breast turn. Next, Coach Demont shares the technique for a flip turn including tips to generate as much speed into the wall as possible as well as tips for a quicker spin. Demont discusses breakout technique to carry maximum speed from the wall push off into the stroke cycle. Coach Rhodenbaugh shares techniques for short axis turns and breakouts for breast and fly. Rhodenbaugh covers the approach to the wall, technique for the turn, strategies for the push-off and includes the fly kickout and breakout stroke as well as the breaststroke pullout including two styles for the placement of the dolphin kick along with tips for transition into the first stroke cycle. Augie Busch takes you through the backstroke turn and kickout including the approach to the wall, the crossover and turn and the kickout through the first stroke. All of the turn demonstrations are greatly enhanced with slow motion and underwater footage.

47 minutes. 2006.

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